Jira Assets AQL search won't populate an attribute from a referenced object type

Liz Ramsey April 4, 2024

Hi friends!

I'm currently learning about Jira Assets, and how to write search filters, and I've gotten a bit stuck with AQL. Let me describe a bit of my object schema so you'll understand how this is structured:

I have an object type called "Applications", which is a collection of software applications. Attributes include Name, Developer, and Version.


I have another object type called "SoftwareLicenses". This object type includes attributes such as Vendor, End Date, and Application. This last attribute is an object reference of the "Applications" object type.


Now I'm trying to write an AQL query that will give me a list of all of my software licenses. It's mostly working, but I'm trying to include a Developer column, and this always returns blank. I guess I kind of know why, because I'm searching for objects of type SoftwareLicenses, and Developer is an attribute from the Applications object type, but I would think that it would be able to populate the Developer column based on the Application column. 


Is there a way to adjust the AQL so it will populate the Developer column? Kind of like with a JOIN statement in SQL? Or is there a report that will give me the developer associated with the licenses?

I appreciate any insight yall might have! Thanks! =)

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