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Is there a Jira Windows app?

Is there a Jira Windows app?

7 answers

Just use the Create Shortcut feature in Chrome and tell it to open as a Window.

  1. Open your Jira instance in Chrome
  2. Tap the ... menu in Chrome
  3. Select More Tools → Create Shortcut
  4. Check the box for 'Open as Window' to have it open like an app

Then you can add it to your Start Menu or Task Bar like a normal app (second to the last one)


And it opens like an app:


That's great thank you @Josh Lyon ! I've been using Jira for almost 2 years and been looking for a solution all that time

Does anyone know if it's possible to change the icon shown in the taskbar? Just to help differentiate between Chrome and Jira (It doesnt even have to be the official Jira logo)

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  1. Pin the shortcut, you just created, to the taskbar.
  2. Close the "app".
  3. Hold down Shift and right-click on the pinned taskbar shortcut to show the regular explorer context menu.
  4. Click Properties.
  5. Under Shortcut, click the Change Icon button and pick an icon of your choice.

Ideally, Chrome gets the site's `favico.ico` and applies it as the shortcut's icon.

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I can't get it to work. I can save the shortcut, pin it, and change the icon, but once I close the Jira app is "gone". Clicking on the newly created shortcut opens up a new instance of Chrome. Nothing more...

Any tips?


Thanks for that tip. I tried it in the Blisk browser first and it didn't work but when I switched to Chrome, it worked a treat.

Lorena I had the same issue because I had an existing Chrome shortcut in my taskbar. I removed the Chrome shortcut, added Jira, and then added Chrome back and it worked.

@lee_bartelme Ah! I definitely have Jira shortcuts. I'll try that, thanks!

That's not a windows app.

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Perhaps not, but it may be addressing what the poster was trying to get.

More to the point, a very large number of Windows, Android, and iOS apps are simply wrappers around web apps.  

We need a standalone Desktop / Win10 App because WEB IS SLOW!

I want something that when I click, stuff opens instantly; it's annoying having to wait the page to load when you navigate! Why don't developers understand that?

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The browser is extremely slow when managing a large project. The native application should be able to manage resources more efficiently. For instance, the native Mac App has much better responsiveness but most of the people in our company use windows and there is no windows app.

There is an open-source jiraclient but project but it is unofficial and comes with no guaranty or any support.

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Works a treat.

Thank you!

very strange!!

The answer and its replies, moved the subject from "Jira windows application" into Chrome shortcut and icon!!! instead of saying: "No, there is no app for windows till now"



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Kate Wood I'm New Here Mar 27, 2022

And also...seriously? The Android app makes Jira functional, but who can type on that? I do think there's still room for a Windows app. Nicely spotted, @Ibrahim. :)

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This is one of the reasons we stopped using Jira; It's inconvenient on a PC. When you have to go to a site, login and wait, my team ends up getting sidetracked with another project/ask. We miss things. I'm not sure why they can't build out a desktop app for Windows since they have ios and Android. 

Yeah I dont get how they still don't have a windows app considering every other platform has it. I'd assuming windows is a very large part of their consumer base. Really limiting for me to switch the rest of our employees over to using confluence instead of Onenote. They want an app to open, not to go to a bookmark in chrome or to pin a chrome tab to the start bar. 

This is a large reason why we're using Notion instead of Confluence.

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@Jason Long Looking at doing the same.  I have found I spend more time waiting for tasks and drop downs to load in Jira than I do using the product and its native limitations w/o addons are incredibly limiting...  And Confluence is even slower.  Just need to verify a proper audit trail and release plan in Notion or Coda and we can leave.

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And I use the BigPicture app for managing projects through a Gantt chart lens and it is also very slow, and there is a big delay between when you make a change to a task or issue and when it shows up in the BigPicture view.  Confluence does not seem like it is ready for prime time hard core Project Managers.  Feels like a toy in some ways.

The Jira (by atlassian) app for Mac has some great benefits over the Chrome website and also some limitations.  

The upshot is that an app is faster and better for real time team communications as issues evolve.  However, the app has bugs and limitations, so it's FAR from perfect.  


* Speed.  navigating between issues, checking status, etc is MUCH faster than web.  This is a huge deal and I love the app because of this.  

* Notifications.  You get proper notifications to Mac OS when issue status changes

* Commenting.  It's very strong a commenting and it makes every issue feel like a slack channel.  Ie. by clicking on an app notification


* Issue editing.  Not all the options are there.  

* There is a major but (currently) with editing the description of an issue which is a deal breaker 

* Work Log.  It's not fast to use the worklog if you're entering a lot of data

Hey @Dean Grande , we already made a lot of fixes over issue editing... Check it out ;) 

@Carlos Khatchikian so there is NOT a windows app, only for Mac? It's still not clear

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Felipe, yes... no windows app for now. 

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the post clearly specifies "windows app"

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no,i dont found

thanks for this link, this desktop client by ALM works is amazing: much faster than the web version + all sorts of handy sort and filter options, + 2way sync!

I hope someone will start maintaining it again (Jira or ALM)

Here is another link to it:

That solution sucks, since it is different then in most of the videos on youtube, where a menue bar is on top.

If any of you are interested we are building a blazingly fast app for Jira and would love to have you on the journey to help us.  Our early users are loving the experience and we'd love your feedback.  You can sign up for the waitlist at there's been lots of interest but we will get you in very soon.

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