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I need to see the total story points per user in the sprint

Hi everyone!


I wanna see the summing of story points per user in a sprint. I cann't get how to do it.

Does anyone knows?


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If you look at your sprints in plan mode, you see the people that are assigned work in that sprint just below the sprint start and end date. To the right of the people, you see 3 dots, which when clicked will open a summary showing every assignee and the number of issues and associated story points assigned to them.

This was introduced in JIRA Agile 6.5:



Can you see the same thing in any retro reports? For example, commited vs. completed story points by user?

Geert, unfortunately your solution only works if all resolved issues are still assigned to the developers who resolved them. If issues are already reassigned, e.g. to QA or review people, they don't show up next to the developer who resolved them anymore. Does anybody know a way to show all issues RESOLVED by a developer, summed up per developer, per sprint? Thank you!!

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I have the same question to Shlomo. I know another team do this by creating separating tickets for 1 change (e.g. 1 ticket for analyzing requirement, 1 for development, 1 for QA, 1 for deployment...) so that ensures if different person works on the same issue , the story points can still get counted correctly... but I thought there must be a smarter way to do things.

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I'm also looking to see total points assigned and total points completed, per user for past sprints. Otherwise how do we get a feel for points per person and adjust the sprint when someone is away?

I'm looking for this too.  Has anyone found a way to display story points completed per assignee on the dashboard?

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How do you get to plan mode?

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And what if I use subtasks? I can assign story points to a subtask, but I cannot see these story points in the main issue (story).

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Another challenge is, when stories are assigned to a lead/developer and there are multiple subtasks assigned to multiple developers, we have no way to know how many total story points each developer is contributing.

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You're not supposed to be adding Story Points to sub-tasks, as it doesn't work and hence Jira doesn't support it.

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If Jira doesn't "support" this, why do they let you add story points to sub-tasks?

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Natively, they don't.  You have to reconfigure to allow it.

Thanks a lot Geert Graat for providing info on how to find those details quickly! very helpful.


This is very helpful, thanks. However, id like to know if there's a possibility of tracking individual team members contributions in closed sprints. Thanks

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I think this is for what everyone is looking. The closest I've been able to get to the solution is to count the number of user stories and bugs assigned to a developer. It would be great if these numbers were story points instead of the number of issues.

Story Pts per Sprint by Developer.png

Actually, what would be even better is an option to show the hours assigned to a developer. It is common for us to have a user story with 3-6 subtasks, and those subtasks to be assigned to different developers. But, having the story points would be a great start.

does any Attlasian developer thinks to include this abbility on JIRA user interface ? I think we shoul create a ticket for that

+1 on use story points instead of number of issues

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Absolutely. In a sprint, there should be an out of the box report that shows the number of story points completed per assignee. There is already a JIRA pie chart report that displays issues per assignee within a sprint. It doesn't seem like a stretch to replace the issues field with story points.

Pie Chart - Issues per Assignee.JPG

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@Dana_CadmanWhat filter did you have to use to show the 0 story points? I cannot get users with 0 story points in sprint to show up on my gadget.


This is my Jira query, with some specifics removed. I hope this helps.

Filter = "release filter name" AND issuetype = Sub-task AND assignee in (list of developers) AND status not in (Done, Verified, "Verified/Closed") ORDER BY Sprint ASC, assignee ASC

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+1(00) on Story Point sums in a 2D Filter Stat gadget or something similar.  As close as I can get is the ticket count.

Seems like a simple matter to add the "points" option to a pie chart so you can use any filter and show point totals for any period of time or person or whatever.  All sorts of other useless "static type" choices in that chart.  +1 to putting points in the chart.  Hello Atlassian, been 5 years since this was reported.

I agree with Mike. Story points should be an option to select when creating pie charts or two dimensional filter statistics.

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yes please

It is not a free solution, but exactly as you need - Status & Progress Report Gadget 

It can display a dashboard gadget with story points by assignee (user) in open sprints (or any other JQL filter).


Iiuc, this works for Jira Cloud but not for hosted Jira, correct?

The problem with this Ad On is that it displays the story points by assignee, but you can't drill down. It's just a snap shot- there's nothing on this gadget that allows you to click on the "100%" for instance and see what was accomplished. I'm not sure how effective this really is, particularly when you have to pay the additional costs to have it. Has anyone been able to make this gadget (or another) interactive like the standard gadgets for a JIRA dashboard?

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I finally solved this using the SumUp module.

1) Install it from here:

2) Configure it to sum up story points
3) Create a filter for your sprint
4) Add a 2 dimension SumUp gadget
5) Select user for x and status for y



Thanks Elias for this quick setup. 

I believe i got what i need but what i did is this.. 

5) Selected Report for x and Sprint for Y 

so i can see each sprint how many story points are completed by reporter. 


Now i build two Dimensional Gadget report, My Y-Axis doesn't show columns (Sprint) in proper order. Is there a way to apply "order by" so it can display in right order. For example, Left to right mean Sprint 1, Sprint 2, etc...

Any help greatly appreciated. 

@Keyun Mistry did you ever find a solution to this? 

The only way I have found to do this is to search the issues using a standard query like:

  project = XXXX AND status = Closed AND Sprint = 1234 ORDER BY assignee ASC


You can then export that report to Excel and sum by developer.   

With that said, it's a real shame that we don't have a better way of reporting on sprints after they have closed.   I know it's not perfect, but it would be very helpful to know how many story points developers are completing per sprint.   While I realize it's not the perfect metric, it's still helpful in determining developer productivity.

 A Jira admin can add a custom Dev field, to calculate Points per dev. We have to make sure that dev field is filled out, we can export and filter with that.

"report to Excel" - wow that's exactly what jira is for ..

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Geert's solution works great if you're looking at the current sprint. Here's what I figured out for retro sprints. If you'd like to know how many story points scored per user, view the past sprint in the Sprint Report, on the right side of the Completed Issues table there is a link to View in Issue Navigator. Once you've clicked that link, sort the list by Assignee, then click the Export this current filter as a CSV. Open the CSV in Excel, then you can sum the story points for each user easily from there. Hope this helps someone.

This is exactly what I was looking for Dan. Thanks!

This looked to be great initially; however, I've just noticed that Issues not completed within a sprint (as shown in the relevant sprint report), will show their ultimate Done or Completed progress if they were completed in successive sprints after clicking View Issue Navigator. This happens whether using the 3-dots for the entire sprint or selecting sub-sections individually. (Jira Server - On Prem shown)Screenshot 2020-07-21 at 11.07.49.pngScreenshot 2020-07-21 at 11.07.30.png

Yes, that's correct - you burn (up/down) points when a sory is done in the sprint it is done in.

I'm shocked Jira doesn't have this built in. Can we please get more built in reports based on points? 

I don't think it'll happen - story points are not supposed to be used with individuals, they're about what the team is capable of.

Does it work for cloud version, next-gen projects?



Is it not possible to report to Jira/Atlassian team this expected behaviour? I'd also like to size the Total of Story points completed by sprint 

I have the same probelm. I can´t make a chart with the total of story point per developer per sprint. 

If you need a story points per sprint (and per developer), this chart would be individual velocity chart. I have made an app specifically for this -

Thank you Dane, this works well!

I agree with Cédric Teyton.

I want to get the distribution of story points per user. But even more desirable, I see the story points per SUBtask per user. So that i can evaluate if my distribution is quite balanced among all the users. 

Eventually we developed the following solution:

  • introduce a custom user field like "Main Responsible" - for us, this is the DEV who implements the change
  • this allows to re-assign from DEV to reviewer to QA person but still keep the DEV as "Main Responsible" for reporting purposes
  • construct a JQL query to list all the DEVs you want to evaluate, with the SP column shown and "Main Responsible" = DEV
  • use an addon like sumUp for Jira to get the sums (there are also similar addons for Confluence)

I also have some concerns with that context. When i plan my next sprint, i easily get the sum of story points but i just want to get the distribution of story points per user, so that i can evaluate if my distribution is quite balanced among all the users. 

I'm happy to see that i've 200 story points to handle in my next sprint, but i want to know if user A has 150 story points and user B only 50. 

For me it's a kind of abvious feature to have. Any way to get this in JIRA ?

I am looking for this too.  The only thing remotely close to this is I can do a Workload Pie and see Original Estimate, Time Spent, and Current Estimate by Assignee, but there is no Story Point option that I can see.  It, too, is limited only if the issue remains assigned to the Developer.

Would indeed be nice to be able to see this on a dashboard. Any way to achieve this?

I can't see a way to get this on a Dashboard i.e. Story Points by Assignee for the current sprint

Hi Michael, I am trying to do this. Did you find a way to achieve this?

Hi Michael/Aditya - Help me out if you figured out an answer.

@susan thota I wasn't able to come up with a solution in JIRA dashboards. There is a way to use the JIRA API and get all the data in a database and then creating dashboards.

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I'm looking for this too.  Has anyone found a way to display story points completed per assignee on the dashboard?

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