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How to remove Done Epics from Roadmap in Next Gen

I don't want to see my Epics that are done in the Roadmap. Do I have to delete them? How do I make them disappear when Done. Sprint Management doesn't do anything to Epics. 

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@Troy Center hiding "Done" Epics was just implemented. You can configure the view in "View settings".
Screenshot 2020-12-26 at 21.36.59.png

Great - thanks for this update 👍

@alain This is still not a great solution. It hides completed Epics yes.

What if I want to see all epics ( also done ) if they are in the timeframe I am looking.

If you filter now, all Done epics are gone , regardless of this was a year ago, or just happend this month. 

There is a difference, that is necessary I feel

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@Jeroen Mares this might not be a good solution for you, still it's the solution for this question. You might be under the wrong impression that i work for Jira perhaps. I'm just a user as you.

I am not sure, however, of what is the point of having past epics that are not marked as done. If your last epics are done as they should be, then if you want to see them just show done epics, that's it.

Another related slightly annoying issue is the unability to hide done issues inside Epics. Are you never supposed willing to focus on the remaining work to do and always look at what was done in the past ?

Christophe, I find it strange that you aren't able to hide your done.... you just want to use the filters, select TO DO and IN PROGRESS. On the other hand, I am trying to show ALL the work that was done for an Epic and all that is left TO DO. But I only want to see my Epics that are IN PROGRESS. Not all open epics. I can easily hide done issues, my question is - how can I see only IN PROGRESS pics and ALL of their stories below. I might have to build a label and that jeopardizes future roadmap planning because we might miss adding a label to a story.  I feel this roadmap is lacking. I can't seem to find any question or discussion on this in the community. Very strange.

Hi @Nicki Davis 

Can I clarify you need...

  • All Epics where the Status Category = In Progress
  • All the child issues of those Epics, regardless of Status

If yes, I would probably use the labels approach - but I'd use Automation to add/remove labels - for example...

  • Add a Label to an Epic and all its children when "In Progress"
  • Remove Label when not "In Progress"
  • Update all additional children with Label if added after progression begins
  • ...etc

If you'd like some assistance in setting this up, let us know :)


I agree with the commentary above. This feature still not being implemented has quickly made our roadmap almost unusable.

same here, would be very important to be able to somehow get the epics that are "done" archived so that they do not appear in the roadmap anymore. otherwise the roadmap gets too huge to handle very soon

4 votes

Hi All,

I appreciate this might not be as good as a fix, but there is a workaround you could try:

  1. Go to your Next-Gen roadmap and filter the statuses to those you want to include
  2. This will modify the URL to specify inclusions/exclusions - so copy the current URL with the filter applied
  3. Add this URL as a side-bar shortcut (click "Add Item" on the left-hand bar) in your Next-Gen Project

It's not ideal but given you can include the URL on your Jira project side-bar, its an option for now :)


Good enough for now. Thanks!

@Ben Jackson What's the update on this feature Ben? I can see you were looking at it back in July 2019. Has the feature been deprioritised? 

You can now sort epics by done, in progress, and to do - it's not a perfect fix since you still have to manually de-select done, but it helps clean up the roadmap. 

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Unfortunately it doesn't actually matter what the status of the Epic is, if the epic has issues that are not done then it will still appear. We have a status for "Archive" which although it sets the Resolution as "Done" (see screenshot) the Epic still appears on the Roadmap :/Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 10.47.02 PM.png

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As much as I like Jira, I've started using YouTrack now. This is such a basic feature and the roadmap is practically unusable in this state so I had to switch away.

I echo @Martin Anastasov 's comment above


We have exactly the same issue with Roadmaps, it isn't just 'Done' EPICs I don't want to see on there, it's also the 'ongoing work' EPICS and the 'loose' undefined EPICs with no proposed start date yet that I wouldn't want to see.


A simple hide feature would suffice.

Wow, 18 months and no date confirmed for such a simple feature. The roadmap is 100% useless after you've got more than about 5 epics.

Best case is to filter by your "In Progress" Epics now. Not bad. Plus, the "Advanced Roadmaps" are better.

The best workaround. It doesn't matter what is better, this is front and center. Having epics on there from 12 months ago is pointless.

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this is all very sad. Nextgen JIRA is making look like a jerk for pushing it in my org. Please fix this it seems like basic stuff. Why release these features in what seems like Alpha?

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Hi, Troy

As you can see from our doc Get started with next-gen projects

In a next-gen board, if an issue sits in the Done column for more than 14 days, it automatically gets archived. You can view all archived issues by selecting the Looking for an older issue? button.
If your project is new, you won't be able to see this button for now, you'll need to wait a few days and then those issues will, automatically, be archived.


Let me know if this helps!



That doesn't seem to apply to Epics in the Roadmap view. I also have Troy's question. 

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I'm talking about Epics on the Roadmap view. Not Issues on the Board view. 

Go Into Jira, Click Roadmap, Create an Epic. Finish the work (pretend) and mark the Epic "Done". 

Now what do I do with it? Troy 

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Crickets... ? Also following.

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Same dealio yo. Might the crickets speak up?

Also interested to know if others are keen to be able to sort the Epic order in the board as well (hint: I am). If so please upvote the item below.

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Same issue here. I want remove 'Done' epics from the roadmap view and I couldn't find a way to do it.

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Does it work to change the filter at the stop of the road map to only show To Do and In Progress?

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It does! I hadn't noticed that filter.

It would be nice to have some way to make it default to "TO DO" + "IN PROGRESS", or remember last setting, but at least there is a way to have a view with "DONE" epics filtered out.

Thank you very much for the tip!

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I’m familiar with that filter, but it’s annoying there’s no default filter as far as I can see?

Not for me because I can tolerate continuously toggling, but for my team whom undoubtedly will get confused or tire of repetitive manual filtering... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


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We need this feature as well! Why is there no follow up?

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I'm thinking of moving away because of things like this. It's such a complex piece of software yet these basics aren't in place.

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It's pretty annoying that the default is to just keep piling epics up in the road map to the point that it becomes chaos... how hard is it to change the default filter?
Its pretty unlikely that I want to see an epic I finished a year ago in the default view? 

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This is shocking and needs to be added asap. From a project management perspective you can't constantly look a huge list of done and in progress items. 

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Deleted user Jun 19, 2019


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I've tweeted the Jira team and pointed them at this thread. Hopefully we can get this implemented.

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Ben Jackson Atlassian Team Jul 01, 2019

Hi everyone I am a PM on the Jira team and we are looking at this right now apologies I just came across this post.

You can follow this ticket for updates

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And if I could give you a magic wand how would you like this to work? You can either  tweet me so you don't all see each other's answers and we get the broadest feedback possible ;)  or comment on the ticket I linked above

Hi @Ben Jackson ,

Thanks for picking this up.

I'm antisocial media so can't tweet you. Simple 2-minute fix is to just set the roadmap as filtered by default to only show active epics.

Then the user can choose to see historical epics by setting the filter to all epics.


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Hi @Ben Jackson, thanks for following up. I guess simple is best so by changing their status to “Done” should have them disappear from the roadmap. With an option to show all. Or even better would be the ability to use JQL to filter Epics like you can with tasks etc.

Just to add, having looked at the ticket. Removing them as soon as they are marked as "done" would be great. Having to wait 14 days for them to be removed seems unnecessary.

Ben Jackson Atlassian Team Jul 17, 2019

I have a question for everyone here. If done epics are removed from the roadmap do you have a need to see them again at some point?

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Possibly. For me it's more important to get them filtered out if it means a quicker release of the feature. However, it would be nice to be able to toggle them on.

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We will definitely need to see the done epics if that can be accessed through search that is fine. 

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I have a question for everyone here. If done epics are removed from the roadmap do you have a need to see them again at some point?

See them again from where?  The Roadmap?  (Regardless of what the precise context is, I'm sure someone somewhere will need to see them again.)

I would be happy if the filters of "todo", "in progress", and "done" would persist across browser sessions, similar to how the "Views" filters persist (see attached image).

2019-07-18 09_34_39-In-Store - Roadmap - JIRA.png

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Same as @AL FOR, I also bookmarked the page with the filter preset to "to do" and "in progress".

Not having filter persistent is definitely not ideal, it makes content less discover-able by the rest of the team (aka nobody will looks at them).

Furthermore, this issue extends to the new the Confluence Roadmap Macro.
Very nice feature to share content with people outside Jira.
However this time there is no way to save the filter (even if you paste the link with the filter preset)

So the confluence macro ends up looking like this:
Very informative page...


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@designedbyben I bumped in to the same probelm with @Jacques Barbe I am trying to use the confluence roadmap macro, but since there is no way for me to filter the relevant epics, then the macro ended up looks chaotic, especially since I am running a program which consist of multiple project running in parallel, it would be very helpful to be able to implement this, thanks.

Agree with you guys - I've inherited a roadmap with 20 - 30 epics on it, many of which are long since done. The roadmap is a bit too messy to be useful. I don't want to delete old epics as it is useful to keep the documentation somewhere, hence the need to be able to remove or unlink epics from a roadmap. 

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This really sucks. Deleting the old epics causes information to be lost, and having to filter out done (but not todo or in progress) is painful

@Ben JacksonWhile you guys are on it, I think that the best way to go about this is to add a flag or setting for each epic which controls whether or not it shows up on the roadmap.

In my opinion completed Epics are one part of the story that clogs up the roadmap view but we also have Epics which are related to miscellaneous items or bugfixes and more or less document "ongoing" work - I definitely do not want to see those on the roadmap as well. The roadmap view also implies that every epic has a start and due date which again is not the case for all Epics - some are extremely long term and it makes no sense to keep them on a roadmap.

So please, add a simple feature that just shows or hides epics on the roadmap - we can then decide whether we will select done epics or any other combination

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Hey there,

any news on this?


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Also looking for this! I'd like the DONE epics to be removed, but still see the DONE issues in unfinished Epics.

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@Martin Anastasov  that would be a great solution. We have the same issue. Ongoing tasks which should also be exluded in the view.


Also the filter solution for in progress and done is not ideal as the filter relates to the attached issue i believe. I can filter out "DONE" but i still see done Epics if they still have attached stories which are not done. The filter should work on the Epic status and not on the connected issues

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This makes roadmaps a completely unusable feature.

We built out a nice roadmap going back to the middle of 2019 and now we have to scroll past all of the old completed issues to get to "today".

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Just filter out "Done" epics in the default view already! Come on Atlassian!

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The year has turned around. this feature is still not in sight . Please bring it in.

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poor jira. All the hope in the world and not a developer in sight. 

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@Ben Jackson When will the done epics be archived?  Just like the Done issues work in the Boards. Having so many epics on the Roadmap is not effective.

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It is ridiculous not be able to archive an epic or have it removed off the board when the epic itself or the issues underneath are marked as Done.

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Came here for the same problem. At least there is (after as always a year later) a followup but (again) no concrete date for this simple problem:

I would think that I could remove unwanted epics/issues from the roadmap by simple selecting only those that fall within the "To Do" or "In Progress" status but it seems it still grabs issues that don't fit the selected criteria, so not only does it lack the basic filtering features, but the one that is in production is broken.

This wouldn't be so frustrating if it wasn't such a simple addition, almost positive an intern could figure this out. Out of respect to this community that Atlassian is trying to communicate they could provide at least some type of response.

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I had the same problem when the Epic status is Done but the Resolution is Unresolved.


After I update the resolution, it disappeared.


And it seems that the Epic Status and Status are two different fields..

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