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How can you get the Quick Filters to stop auto-hiding?

Right now I show the quick filters, use it and next time I need it, they are collapsed again. I would like them to always show but can't see where to do that (in the server version this was not an issue).

Many thanks for the help!


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That's a lot of extra clicks that were not required previously. This is frustrating, as was mentioned by multiple people previously. The amount of filters before the dropdown kicks in should at least be set manually.

Chrome extension from a volunteer is a helpful workaround, but is is what it is - a workaround.

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Hi Diana,

are you using a classic or a next-gen board?
Is the board a kanban or a scrum board?

Usually users refer to "collapsing" in this regards to either

- swimlanes or
- columns

Could you please confirm this is what your concern is about?

I also found two open Suggestions but I am unsure if they apply to your request:

Ability to collapse or hide columns in active sprints/kanban board (work mode)

Able to collapse columns on Kanban Board

Here is a Suggestion to an improved Quick Filter selection:

There is also a request open for an ability to hide the quick filters - as this is not yet implemented but your question could be understand in a way that this is happening I think I did not get you right...

In case one of the above Suggestion match you can vote on for the issue - right over there on


Thank you for your reply Daniel! Sorry for the delay, this is what I mean, when we are on our sprint board page, in the server version the quick filters always displayed. Here as you can see its collapsed and I have to expand the Quick filters dropdown list, to see the filters. I checked both classic and next-gen board and it doesn't make a difference it seems.QuickFilters.png

Daniel Ebers Community Leader Dec 15, 2020

Oh, I see now what you mean.
There has been a dicussion along with the recommendation of a "fix" to switch back to old view:

For the moment this could be a workaround - but new view will be default next year so the behaviour you are facing seems to be set as in "new" standard to handle this.

But switching back to the old view changes nothing with the quick filters, am I not switching the setting in the correct place maybe?

The post you linked above is from 2017/2018 though.


Daniel Ebers Community Leader Dec 15, 2020

I was able to reproduce it on my cloud instance - this is indeed for Classic Software boards. I tested with Kanban.

For every amount of Quick Filters above '4' the "dropdown" appears.
The length (defined in "Name" does not matter).

It is just the amount.

4 Quick Filters (each named 'A') will produce the behaviour you aim for.
5 Quick Filters (each named 'A') will let the board switch to the dropdown.

Can we disable the dropdown and stop it from doing that? This is a big pain as I have to constantly expand it throughout the day and it's extra work. Any way to make a request? I'm not the only one with this issue even just at my company, I'm sure others are having the same frustration :(. Thanks for the help and response!

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Daniel Ebers Community Leader Dec 15, 2020

I am not aware of any way to change it (except limiting the quick filters or create more boards - each with its own disadvantages).
This is a UI decision I bet.

A bad UI decision :D. No way to get this request in the system somehow to get someone to review it and see if they agree to adjust it for a future version?

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Daniel Ebers Community Leader Dec 15, 2020

The software is designed for many thousands people across the world. What one user considers bad UI is not necessarily true for some other.

You can leave feedback here for Atlassian:

I know, that's why I put a smiley face after my comment above :D. I know you can't please everybody but wanted to get it heard in case it's not just us at our company that this is a feature we really liked in the server version. Thanks a bunch for your replies and help, much appreciated!

Well. We just switched from On prem jira to cloud Jira and as a lead developer this immedietly started to frustrate me.

I cant see how it would make the UI worse to allow quickfilters to stick with a board setting or something.

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I just released an Chrome extension that just clicks on the quick filters dropdown so it´s always expanded: :)

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Thanks Per, you rock!

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