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Inika Jain
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February 29, 2024

I created a pie chart to show the breakdown of story points by epic, and the pie chart shows each epic as an individual slice until 9 slices. The 10th slice, "Other," groups together all of the remaining epics. This makes the pie chart much less valuable as it shows an enormous slice of 86% containing all of our other epics. 2 questions:

1. How can I configure the pie chart to use Initiatives rather than epics?

2. How can I include >10 slices in the chart?

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John Funk
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February 29, 2024

Hi Inika - Welcome to the Atlassian Community!

I don't think you are going to be able to adjust the Pie Chart gadget to have more than 10 slices. There might be some Marketplace apps that will allow you to do that. 

To change from Epics to Initiatives, just use a different Filter. 

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Danut M _StonikByte_
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April 13, 2024

Hi @Inika Jain,

A better alternative to the limited pie chart of Jira is the Pivot Table and Pivot Chart gadget offered by our Great Gadgets app.

With this gadget you can sum-up the story points of your epics and display the result various ways, as in these examples.

Table or Heatmap table


Pie Chart or other types of charts (bars, column, etc)


And, as you can see the pie chart is not limited to 10 items.

All you have to do, is to configure the gadget like this. It's easy, with drag & drop.



You can start with a 1-month of free trial. If you need any help, please contact support@stonikbyte.com.


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February 29, 2024

Hi @Inika Jain 

It's Mary from Planyway for Jira: workload, roadmap, time tracking


Configuring a Jira pie chart to display data differently or to include more slices than the default settings allow involves a couple of steps and sometimes workarounds, since Jira's default gadgets have limitations. Here's how you can attempt to address both of your questions:

1. Configuring the Pie Chart to Use Initiatives Rather Than Epics

Jira's pie chart can be configured to display data based on various fields, but this depends on how your Jira instance is set up and whether "Initiatives" is a field recognized by the system in a way that can be used for pie charts. Initiatives are typically a higher level of hierarchy above Epics . Here’s what you might consider:

  • Check if Initiatives are available as a field in your Jira instance: For some configurations, especially with Jira Portfolio (Advanced Roadmaps), Initiatives might be a custom field. If it's not available, you might need to work with your Jira administrator to ensure that Initiatives are configured in a way that they can be used for reporting.

  • Custom JQL Query: You may need to create a JQL query that specifically targets issues within Initiatives. This could involve using the "parentLink" field or another custom field that references Initiatives. Once you have this query, you can use it to create a filter that your pie chart gadget will then use to display data.

2. Including More than 10 Slices in the Chart

By default, Jira limits the pie chart gadget to display up to 10 slices, grouping any additional data into an "Other" category. To include more than 10 slices, you have a few options, although they might not all be straightforward:

  • Marketplace Apps: There are several marketplace apps available for Jira that offer enhanced reporting capabilities, including more customizable pie charts that may allow for more than 10 slices. Exploring these apps might provide a solution that meets your needs.

  • Custom Reports with Jira Software or External Tools: If the built-in gadgets don't meet your requirements, you might consider creating custom reports. This can be done through Jira Software’s reporting features, or by exporting the data to an external tool like Excel, Google Sheets, or a BI tool where you have more control over the visualization.

  • Scripted or Manual Workarounds: For some, a scripted solution using Jira's API to fetch data and then generate a chart using external tools or scripts might be the best approach. This requires more effort and technical knowledge but offers maximum flexibility.

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