Create 1 Child Story from subset of Components in Epic's Component Field

Brett Kaminski April 25, 2024


I'm working through some semi-routine task automation and have hit a snag with either the "create variable" or "advanced branching" options for what I'm looking to accomplish.

Scenario below:

We use the components field to delineate three different layers of "things":

  • Products = [Product Name]-[SF Product Code]
  • Product Specific Milestones = [Product Component Above]_[Name of Milestone]
  • Specific Tasks = [TEAM]_[Task Type]_[Name of Task]

Some of these tasks occur all the time, some vary from customer to customer depending on the technologies they use.

All the custom components that are variable all exist in the same phase.

In earlier phases of the workflow, users populate these custom components into an Initiative ticket.

When they transition the initiative to "ready to deploy" all the Epics get created like this and each of the 7 have their own Product Specific Milestone component so subsequent rules, triggered by epic creation with if conditions to check the components in the epic and, know which default tasks need to be created for that product deployment.

epic creation.PNG

Then there are subsequent rules that are triggered based on Epics being created and tasks being created depending on the component assigned to the Epic. 

This is where things get hairy....

On the Epic that is created with "variable tasks" I need to take the list of Components, except for the component that denotes the Milestone that Epic represents, and create a new story-equivalent (story type named for team that owns the task) issue under that Epic for each component listed. From what I've read this can be accomplished with some simple regex in the rule....

I've taken a two part approach to this.

Part 1

Just pulls the "variable tasks" components from the Parent Initiative when an Epic is created with the Custom Work Milestone Component.

epic component update.PNG

Part 2

Starts with...

epic components added.PNG

And when I've tried using the create variable function or the advanced branching outlined here 

I always get the "Some Errors" failure message and this note:

"The provided smart value was unable to be resolved to an object."

 I feel like I'm missing something obvious on how advanced branching has to work with components due to the type of field, but I'm absolutely stuck on where to look.

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Brett Kaminski April 25, 2024

Solved myself...I was just wildly overthinking how advanced branching needed to function...

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