Automation of Workflow, by Creating Epic, it should do everything like Task & Confluence Creation

Ragavendran S April 11, 2024

Hi Everyone,

I am here looking to Improve the process of Software testing in my project, so this is my proposed flow, where most of the process is automated.

When we create a Epic named ABC,

it should automatically create the below Tasks

  1. ABC - Analysis
  2. ABC - Test Planning
  3. ABC - Test Scripting
  4. ABC - TC Review & Sign Off
  5. ABC - Test Execution
  6. ABC - TCR Preparation 
  7. ABC - Sign Off

Once, all the tickets are created we have a common condition

Common / Task Specific:

to do --> in progress

  • If the issue is moved from one status to another, the issue should be assigned to the one who moved it
  • If the issue doesn't have start date, the date when they move has to be the start date

in progress --> done

  • when the ticket is closed, the end date has to be updated as the current date
  • when the ticket is having remaining time before closing, it has to be set to 0 with the comment 'X Y Z'

Specific to Epic:

  • If the Tasks under that epics are all closed, and have no remaining time, the epic should be closed automatically.

Additional / Advanced Requests (if Possible)

  1. When ABC - Test Planning is created,  it should create (dummy/placeholder) test cases (around 5 in count), test cycle (including those 5 TC's), and that should be linked with ABC - Test Planning 
  2. When ABC - TC Review & Sign Off is transitioned,  it should update the reviewer name to someone from the given list, [a,b,c,d] based on their workload. if none has the capacity, it may be left empty.
  3. When ABC - TCR Preparation is transitioned,  it should trigger a create page from template, which may use the dummy template that I have created in one of my space where everyone can access.
  4. When ABC - TCR Preparation is transitioned,
    1. should check all the linked issues (meaning the issues created alongside this one) are closed
    2. has no remaining time, including all the linked issues
    3. the epic has no issues with remaining estimate and in closed state   


New Suggested Flow.png

Additional Improvements that you think might be helpful, are welcomed.

This flow currently focuses on Manual perspective, and I am planning to Implement additional options for Automation, like creating branches and commit messages logged in Issue's comment or respective places.

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Luka Hummel - codefortynine
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April 15, 2024

Hi @Ragavendran S

If you are willing to try a third-party app, our Deep Clone for Jira could help you.

You could create your template Epic, including your test cases, and then use Deep Clone to clone the Epic when ever you need. You can read more on our Epic/Tree Clone feature here.

Ragavendran S April 16, 2024

Thanks for the response @Luka Hummel - codefortynine , but i feel this will not do what we are trying to perform here. Anyways, thank you for trying 😊

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Dick April 11, 2024


For part one, the creation of issues 1-7 you can use automation, using {{}} as the smart value for setting the variable part of the name "ABC".

The edits upon transitions you request can be mostly covered using post-functions. The time correction should be done in an automation rule. 

Closing the epic on conditions can be done by using an automation rule (google is your friend).

Additionally / Advanced:
1. Are you referring to sub-tasks? These can also be created by an automation rule

2. Load-balancing/assigning tasks over employees is yet unknown to me.

3. Seems you refer to Confluence here. Not sure if you can trigger new pages from within Jira.

4. Could be realized by an automation. 


Ragavendran S April 11, 2024

Thanks for the response @Dick 


1. I'm referring Tasks, since they are standard imposed in my project

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