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A filter for issues created last 7 days and did not updated last 7 days


This is the filter I came up with however I dont think it is working. Any idea what needs to be changed?

project = IT and created >= -7d and updated <= -7d and status not in ( Resolved , Closed )


Thank you.


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Hi Elif,

The syntax of your query seems OK (although you may have to surround the -7d in quotes: "-7d"

However, the logic of your query might not be what you want. The act of creation of a ticket is also included in the updated date, so by that logic, any ticket created in the last 7 days will have been updated in the last 7 days.

This might be closer to what you're expecting:

project = IT and created >= "-7d" AND NOT status changed

This would find all tickets that have been created in the last 7 days that have not yet made a transition.


Thank you for your response. We would like to see the tickets created in last 7 days and never been updated since they are created. Most of the time IT tickets are being updated without the workflow status changed. IT engineers contact to reporters asking questions about the issue using the comments field in Jira and they don’t change the status of the ticket. Is there any way to capture that?  



It won't work out of the box, but if you install the JIRA Toolkit Plugin (or make sure it's enabled if you are using Cloud), then the following query should work:

project = IT and created >= "-7d" AND NOT status changed and "Number of comments" > 0


What is I use this filter below. Do you think it works? 

project = IT and created >= "-7d" and updated <= "-6d" and status not in ( Resolved , Closed )

I am confused about the " updated " statement for the jira filters. If it does not include the workflow transitions , what does it include? I thought every update done to an issue can be capture with " updated" statement.

Thank you.

"Updated" does include workflow transitions, but it does not include comments.

As I stated earlier, though, the act of ticket creation itself is included in the "updated" field. A ticket cannot be set as updated earlier than its creation time. Therefore, the statement that you listed above will find issues that have been created or updated exactly 7 days ago, and anything created in the last 6 days will not be included in the results (because the act of ticket creation also sets the updated field to the date of ticket creation, and that date would be greater than 6 days ago).

What is the way to see if there is a comment posted on an issue or not?

Just to have JIRA Toolkit Plugin? Cannot be done via filters?

Ok, I found a way to do it without installing a plugin:

project = IT and created >= "-7d" AND NOT status changed and comment !~ "FIND_ISSUES_WITH_COMMENTS"

This will return all issues with comments that do not contain "FIND_ISSUES_WITH_COMMENTS", which would be all of them ;)


Thanks for your response. But the filter you have provide shows the list of issues with the comments in them. I need the issues with no comments in them for last 7 days which is since they are created :(

Unfortunately I couldn't find any other way using pure JQL without installing the JIRA Toolkit Plugin. One option would be to search for all tickets that DO have a comment in the last 7 days, export those issues, copy the issue keys, and then search for all issues that don't include those issue keys.

But I think just installing the plugin would be easier ;) It's free too and seems to be well supported.


Thank you for your time!


Stephen , 

Jira Toolkit Plugin has been downloaded to our system. However I am not sure how it will provide me the filter I need for the IT project tickets which are created last week and never been updated by the assignee? 

Like " Days since last comment" which I would like to use , it is not searchable or sortable. How am I going to use this for my Kanban board?

Documentation is not very helpful.

Thank you.



Try this:

issueFunction in lastComment("before -7d") and created >= -7d AND status not in (Close, Closed, Abandoned) 

Like Vijayakumar Gundappa likes this

try with "created >= startOfDay(-7d)"

This worked beautiful for me!

I just had to do this and pieced together something that works for Enterprise and wanted to post it so others don't have to spend time piecing it together:

AND created >= -7d AND NOT updatedDate >= -7d

will give you issues that have been created in the last 7 days and haven't had a status change or comment in the last 7 days which was the original intent of the question.

issueFunction in lastComment("before -7d") and created >= -7d 

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