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ask for support must be easy


I have been using Jira for many years.

To ask for support you have to decide where the problem is: Jira ? or plugin ?

Then you have to write an email, or log in by registering to a portal of Atlassian or the plugin manufacturer.

And very often you fill in fields that ask you which version of Jira you use, which SEN, plugin information, and other things like that.

I wonder: is it really so difficult to make a single button to ask for support, somewhere on Jira, that "alone" takes the basic information you need and writes it in the service desk ?

without having to go looking for it every time ? This is even easier and necessary on cloud versions of Atlassian products, considering that "we are already inside" your systems, isn't it ?

one of the advantages we could all have as users is also that we wouldn't have to follow two or three portals (Atlassian or partners) when trying to figure out what's wrong with our application.

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I'm afraid all you would do with your "simple" approach is make the process of getting support longer, harder and frustrating.

Atlassian have many products.  There are thousands more in the marketplace.  A single click for "help" (even if it delivers which application you clicked "help" from) is simply going to lead to the question "what with?", and then the whole slew of other questions before the agent can begin to direct you to the right place.

The only part of this suggestion that might be useful is to enable a function for Atlassian (or the customer) to be able to replicate a case over to another provider's help system.  But not all of them use the same help software, and you can't expect Atlassian to have to code for all of them.

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hi Nic, so you're telling me that it's complicated to insert a button that somewhere tells Atlassian, when a user wants to open a problem on Jira, all the data Atlassian usually asks for, like: installed plugin with its sen, product serial number (version), etcetera ?

No.  Sorry, you're missing something I should have said before.

You can already do that from the troubleshooting pages in Jira, Confluence, etc.  In Jira, I think it arrived in version 5.  And obviously, you don't need it on Cloud because the current support process asks you for enough information so they can get it themselves.

I'm looking at your "To ask for support" bit - yes, you have to jump through hoops because you're not using the built-in support request and hence need to provide them with the information.

In all cases, you still have the problem that it might need to go to a vendor rather than Atlassian.

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I think that for example a button "ask for support" directly in the page of the list of installed plugins, a button for each plugin I say, which allows you to get to the site of the manufacturer of the plugin, maybe already "recognized" as Atlassian user (in fact I have to be already authenticated in Jira or Confluence no ?) to get to the plugin management page, on the cloud in particular, can be convenient. Button that "transmits" to the vendor of the plugin information about the sen, for example, the version of the plugin, the url of Jira or Confluence cloud, and so and other information that you usually have to do by accessing, apart, with a username, apart, to different sites. Mine is a proposal to improve even more an already excellent product.

But that would require Atlassian to code for every vendor's help desk so they can divert the calls to the right place.

There's no benefit to that, it would just mean developers writing code for every possible support route, instead of looking at the thousands of improvements and bugs in the queue, and it moves the work of "actually investigating the problem" from the user to Atlassian.

Sure, it could be done, but you'd have to accept a massive hike in costs as you shift all your problems from your admins on to Atlassian.

no I mean that every plugin vendors, makes its own button to get to its help desk with the information it already asks users when they need to report, for example the SEN or the installed plugin version. I know these are small details but when you manage dozens of Jira servers, you save time. I'm not saying to ask Atlassian to act as a conduit to the plugin vendors.

Yes, you absolutely are asking Atlassian to act as a conduit to the app vendors.  Think through what you are asking the software to do and who would have to code for it and support it. 


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