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Cannot View Issues in Backlog

Is anyone else seeing an issue where you cannot view issues in the backlog view?  I came in this morning to prep before our planning and am getting the message

"Too many issues are trying to load

It will take you eons to scroll through mountains of issues.

Update board filter"

when trying to look at our team's next sprint. Even when I apply filters I cannot view the issues.... so we can't do our planning and I can't do my job.


If you have enough issues on your board to trigger this message, you can't do your job either.  You have too many issues for a computer to deal with, let alone a human!

To fix this, edit the board filter, changing it to something that pulls in fewer issues..

Like Akash Dutta likes this

When you have a large team and need to manage the 50 issues in a sprint that we pick up each sprint, that's not too large or a view and IS my job. 

Applying a filter to even just who the issues are assigned to doesn't even do anything... so filters are basically deemed useless and so is the backlog view.

Warren Rising Star Nov 26, 2018

Hi Kelley

Has anything changed from your side that you're aware of?

I recently had the same message, but that is because, after 3 years of using a Scrum Board, I added a Kanban board and it was trying to display ~6000 closed items - this made sense that it was struggling to display everything.

Has someone changed your board filter? Are there any other changes that could affect this? Have you asked the Admins in your company?

Yes, around 10:15am something changed so we could "complete" our previous sprint and access the backlog view again.

Our project is 2.5 years old and our team has grown so there are quite a few items (~800 total) in our backlog (we use scrum views for this and kanban for our roadmap), but we keep them all prioritized and constantly groom them.  We also don't display the closed items so that helps.

Warren Rising Star Nov 26, 2018

So is everything working okay now?

Yes - our team is able to access the backlog view and plan our sprint as of right now.

50 issues is not going to be a problem, and won't give you this error.  This problem pops up when you have thousands of issues, which is far too many for a human to handle.

Please, adjust your board filter so that it pulls in only a useful number of issues.

I had tried filtering it down to where only 10-50 would show and was still getting that message..


We only have 700 in our full backlog right now, not thousands, and those are all constantly prioritized and groomed through as we plan for future sprints.

You won't get that message for 50 issues.

I suspect your board filter includes thousands, but you've got a quick-filter cutting it down to 50.  Try merging those two to give you a reasonable number of issues on the board.


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