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Best way to manage multiple ID's

I have seen many questions about people asking to merge ID's. But this is a little different, as I am trying to determine if I even should do that.

I suspect my situation will be similar to many:

On bitbucket I have a personal account, my day job account/team, and my side-job account/team, Currently, I just use my personal email address for all, and forward emails to the day-job email, or side-job email according to Gmail filters.

I manage a JIRA instance for my day-job (day-job-email) and side-job (side-job-email). 

My side-job also uses Confluence (day-job-email).

By using my personal for BB, it means two sign in's to jump between BB to JIRA or to Confluence.  With TFA enabled, this is pretty annoying. There are a few other annoyances with these being seperate.

Everyone seems to want to merge their ID's. I think merging ID's would be a mess for me.

I think the ideal would be the ability for the Atlassian ID to have multiple email addresses associated with it, and for each service-instance, you can choose one of those email addresses to be communicated on.

Putting everything under my personal email is not an option, as my companies require you use company email for JIRA. I think this is common.

Then my option is to keep everything separate. This would mean creating a few more bitbucket accounts... uggh. I imagine that will make SourceTree crater (but what doesn't).

How are others managing this situation? Are their plans to make this better?


Shannon S Atlassian Team Jan 16, 2018

Hi Shea,

This might be better as a Discussion since you're looking to see what others are doing to manage their Atlassian IDs. I'll move it after I provide my feedback here so you can get more opinions on best practice.

So, it's actually not possible to merge Atlassian IDs, since the ID is the email address itself. Thus, each email is a separate Atlassian ID.

Personally, when I'm managing two instances, even to test with, I open my employee Atlassian ID in the main browser window, and then an incognito window for my personal ID. 

Your license itself will have multiple Atlassian IDs associated with it. Where you receive communication depends on what you have set as your Billing and Technical contacts. You can follow this article if you're not sure how to change that: How can I change the billing and technical contacts for my Atlassian products? 

As far as Bitbucket goes, if you need to transfer your repository to another user, you can follow Change or transfer repository ownership. This will then give owner privileges to the new owner, but you can still add other Atlassian IDs as administrators.

If you have any questions about this, please let me know!



My story is similar. It got messy when Atlassian moved to Atlassian ID.

I've had a BitBucket account for many years, on a personal email address. When we began using Jira at work, I used my work email address with that.

Somehow, at some point during the Atlassian ID roll-out, I managed to click a series of buttons such that everything is now under my personal account.

It's not really sustainable, and I'm not sure what to do. Incognito windows don't do anything to help with things like 2FA. Every new incognito window means starting over. And with our G-suite integration, it just means lots and lots of logging in and out.

Until we can add other email addresses and pick one to use with each product as Shea suggests, I guess I don't have any option but to try to disentangle everything into two separate IDs, use two separate browsers and/or computers, manage the overhead, and be sad.


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