Webinar & AMA - Everything you want to know about next-gen projects in Jira Cloud

Hi Atlassian Community,

My name is Jillian and I’m Product Manager for Jira Cloud.

On August 7th @ 2:00pm PT (San Francisco) // 5:00 pm ET (New York), I'll be hosting a live Webinar & AMA to answer all your questions about next-gen projects in Jira.

You can read more about next-gen here.


  • Outline the differences between next-gen & classic projects

  • Give a sneak peek of an upcoming feature

  • Describe our high-level roadmap for next-gen

  • AMA session

Want to join?

  1. Register to the webinar using this link.

  2. Add your questions to this page any time before the webinar. I’ll answer as many questions during the webinar as I can, and I promise to get to the rest afterward.

  3. At the scheduled time, simply join the webinar using the link that you’ll get after you register.

    • (Heads up: you might be asked to download the Zoom app. No worries if you don’t want to download it – you can join from the browser version instead).

  4. You can ask questions during the webinar through the Zoom chat, but I’ll answer those questions after we hang up.

Looking forward to it!


P.S. for any questions about registration, please contact dmelikov@atlassian.com


Kelly Trotter
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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July 25, 2019

How do you add multiple next gen projects to one board? I'd like our developers to be able to work on more than one project during their sprint. Thanks!

Jim Kimmell
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
July 31, 2019

Hi, Jillian.  Will you be recording the webinar for consumption later?  Thanks!

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John Price
Rising Star
Rising Star
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July 31, 2019

Looking forward to this.  We've tried a few of these projects and love the UX, but we aren't quite ready to recommend them as the default.  I definitely will have questions for you!

Dmitry Melikov
Atlassian Team
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August 13, 2019

Hello everyone and thank you for attending the webinar!

The recording could be found here (registration required): https://atlassian.zoom.us/recording/share/yiSyd30MT3fWbeLThSqEofUy99HDoZaWmroQTih65bywIumekTziMw

As promised we are answering all the questions that we got in the chat during the webinar as well as in this thread.


Q1: Regarding the API that backs JIRA as a whole. Can you talk about how your work ties in API improvements and upkeep?

A: Our team is in charge of APIs for Next-gen projects, we can’t answer broader API questions right now but we can get a contact for you to chat. Please reach out to asinha@atlassian.com


Q2: How do I create one board with multiple next generation projects feeding into this board?

A: We know that customers want to have a board that pulls from multiple projects. Right now that is further out with estimation, workflows, and releases coming first. Just wanted to upfront that it is on the cards but further out in the roadmap.


Q3: Can the workflow diagram only be seen in the Project settings? I miss the (View Workflow) link next to the Status in the old version.

A: Right now the board is the workflow, so it doesn’t provide a lot of value. But when we release custom workflows for Next-gen projects you will be happy to know the button will be coming back.


Q4: Is there a plan to have next-gen projects in Jira Data Center? We own both Cloud and DC and this affects our internal roadmap for Jira.

A: We currently don’t have plans for porting Next-gen to Server unfortunately.


Q5: I have several next-gen projects that need a custom field with the same name, example: category. Is there anyway to differentiate between the mulitple multiple fields (besides calling each field a different name) when using search and creating filters.

A: Yes currently that experience leaves a lot to be desired. That is actually up on our team’s roadmap to fix and we will be starting that next.

Q6: If the goal is to empower Users in administrating their own projects like adjusting workflows, change scheme’s etc, why not focus on fixing up the terrible User Permissions program. We need all the bits and pieces of the classic projects, i.e. Releases. The current User Provisioning is difficult to use and the Next Gen seems like a bandaid solution.

A: We are just starting that work for custom roles in Next-gen and the solution is a lot easier. You will be able to create a custom dev role in next-gen and mix and match permissions.


Q7: In the filters, we can not see data for all the fields even though they have headers but data dont show. Is there any fix for that ? (This is about JQL)

A: We are about to start that work very soon.


Q8: I have a Cloud classic project, is there any way to have it converted to a nextgen project or do I have to start from scratch. If there isn’t a way, will this be in the roadmap?

A: Today you can bulk move your issues from classic to next-gen. Migration of classic to next-gen is in the roadmap. https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirasoftwarecloud/migrate-between-next-gen-and-classic-projects-957974933.html


Q9: So we have found time tracking in JQL filters is not accurate. If we search for a single user, it shows time for all users involved with that task

A: Yes, we found an off by 1 day error that we are fixing.


Q10: Are these status values private to the projects? In the past they were shared between workflows, so for example changing the status “To Do” to “Not Started” changed the text across all workflow.

A: Yes, status values are private to the projects. Workflows are project scoped in next-gen, so changing the status “To Do” to “Not Started” will affect only current project.


Q11: As with the naming of fields, a tough problem is allowing each project to have their own statuses while allowing central reporting. I hope you come up with a good solution ... I’m stumped.

A: Yes, we are already thinking about consistency and reporting issues and project templates should help with this in the future.


Q12: Is the “User specific swimlanes” item the same or different from “group by” on the board?

A: Yes user specific swimlanes it is the same as group by on the board.


Q13: I just figured out that subtasks have been delivered. I went into the project settings and added them. Now I have created a test issue but I don’t see create subtask in the issue. What am I missing?

A: Please use the “Add Child Issue” button/icon.


Q14: Hi will we be able to assign multiple workflows to a single issue type?.....scenario dependant

A: Normally you have one workflow per issue type for the next-gen, but you can convert an issue from one issue type to another and therefore you move it between workflows.


Q15: When will project templates or configuration templates be delivered? Q4? Next year?

A: Right now we are at the research stage and talking with customers about expectations and requirements, so we have not estimated this work yet. Please reach out to dmelikov@atlassian.com if you have any feedback and suggestions for next-gen templates.


Q16: How do I create a template in a next-gen project? For example, I have a new epic, which is essentially to build a new website, and I have a list of the 30+ tasks & sub-tasks which are required. How do I take that list of 30+ tasks & sub-tasks and create them in JIRA attached to the new epic?

A: This is a good use case to be covered by next-gen templates in the future. As mentioned above - right now we are at the research stage and talking with customers about expectations and requirements. Please reach out to dmelikov@atlassian.com if you have any feedback and additional suggestions for next-gen templates.


Q17: Are classic projects going away?

A: We don't have any plans to remove classic projects.


Thank you all and see you next time!


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