JIRA Permissions Introduction - So Many Layers Edited


This is an introduction to a multipart series on Permissions within JIRA
One of the really cool things about JIRA is just how granular you can get with the permissions! ....and one of the more frustrating things to work through is a user's permissions issue! 

I'm here to help you make some sense of all of the permissions levels within JIRA. I'm going to start with outlining just what all of the permissions levels are and a brief description of them. I'll post some more articles about each one, going more in depth. Let's start at the top and work our way through them from Global to Issue-Level,

Global Permissions: Global Permissions are System-Wide permissions, they are independent from Project or Issue permissions. These include JIRA System Administrators and JIRA Administrators, among others that we will discuss in our next Article

Project Permissions: Project Permissions are set within the permission schemes and then assigned to a specific project. The best Permission Schemes are generic enough to be used across multiple projects. You can assign Roles, Groups, Individuals, and Issue Roles, such as Reporter, Project lead, and Assignee, to name a few. Best practices say using the Project Roles or Issue Roles are the best way to make the permission scheme simple and easy to use in multiple projects.

Project Roles: Project roles are assigned at the project level, and each role can be assigned to levels within the Permission Scheme. Individuals and Groups can be assigned to the Project Roles. Using Groups, rather than Individuals makes the assignments more dynamic. Updating the members of a Group will change the access levels within the Roles. This makes managing large installations easier.

Issue Level Security: Issue Security Level is set within the issue security schemes. Issue Level Security allows for even more granular access to a projects issues. You can assign Roles, Custom Field Values, Project Roles, and Groups. This level is helpful for a Security, Business, or HR related project. Keeping these as simple as possible allows for easier administration, and can limit impacts on system performance.

Look for more in depth articles on each one coming soon. Have Questions or Comments? Let me know and I'll do my best to answer in the comments or include it in my next article.



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