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Why is my project not appearing as an option when creating a board?

I am the system admin and when trying to create a board for a specific project, the project simply is NOT showing in the drop menu.  All other projects appear but the one I want to create a board for.

I can create issues in the project, I have full access.   I really can't get it to work!

Can someone please help me.

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Apr 25, 2020

The most likely reason for this is that you are using a Business project not a Software project. If so, you can choose your profile as the Locationand then in the sidebar of the project use “add item” to add a link to the URL of the board.

All my Projects are created as of type 'Next-Gen Software Project'. The solution you mentioned is working for now.

I encountered this issue today, where the customer's project was "Software" type, not "Business".

Jack Brickey Community Leader Jul 07, 2022

@Richard Cross , might I suggest a new post with all of your details?

@Richard Cross And a link here if you do so.  

If not, in re-reading this thread, it seems to ultimately break the issue down to an issue between team-managed and business-managed projects rather than Software vs Business projects.  Can you check if your customer's project was Team or Business-managed?

I had created a team-managed, software project that, when I went to create a new Kanban board, would not appear in the dropdown for selection.  The only projects appearing in the dropdown were company-managed projects.  

My solution was to write a custom JQL filter (project = "AP5090"), give this filter a name and save it, and create the board from the filter instead of from the project itself.  Unfortunately, I do not know the cause of the limitation (or if there is a documented reason certain projects are not available for board creation).  The JQL filter work around worked great, though.  Even allowed me to get rid of the Epics showing up in-line with the issues on the board!

Jack Brickey Community Leader Jun 08, 2022

Yes that is the correct workaround.

I have a team-managed software project (earlier called Next-Gen?) and when I look at boards, it says I cannot see the board since I have not started a sprint yet. Except when I look at my backlog, I do not have a Start Sprint option. I am the project admin, any idea why I cannot start a sprint (I am looking to start a sprint for a few items tagged "SEO") Even if I create a board, I don't see this project pop up in the options. Why is that? The only one that does pop up is company managed project. Is that the only type of project that can work in sprints?

Hi, I have created a new classic software project. But I am not able to create a scrum board as the project name does not appear in the drop down. Please help

Jack Brickey Community Leader Jan 04, 2021

I suspect the reason is that you created a business project. For business projects you only get the default Kanban board. If you wish to create a scrum or full featured Kanban board you can do so but you must select your profile as the location. This place is the new board under your profile not directly within the project. However you can use “add item“ in sidebar of you project page to create a URL link to your board. 

As I have already mentioned, the project is a classic software project but not showing in the dropdown. 

Jack Brickey Community Leader Jan 04, 2021

Yes, Classic projects come in two "Types": Software and Business. You will see this on the project home page under the project name. Please check on the project Type and let me know what you find.



Hello Gaurav

I was having the same problem as you.  However, I found out why this is happening and I also found a successful workaround

My Problem was

I was trying to create several boards on a company-managed software project.  The boards needed to input issues from team-managed software projects.  When I try to create the board and choose my team-managed software project from the dropdown, the team-managed software projects do not populate in the dropdown (they are invisible). 

Why this happens

The reason for this is because team-managed software projects will not populate on the dropdown.  Actually, none of my team-managed software projects populated on the dropdown list.  Somehow there is a mapping issue between team-managed and company-managed software projects.

Workaround that works

A workaround that worked was that I created a JQL filter with all the issues in the team-managed project.  I then created a board and selected "board from an existing saved filter".  You can see your filter for your team-managed software project here.  Select it and this should work. 

Let me know if you had success with this! 




So the reason for your issue was that your project was team-managed software and NOT a company-managed software, wasn't it? 

what you stated is evident since when I try to create a board from existing project, the projects listed are only company-managed software projects. 

Is migrating from team-managed software to company-managed software the only solution for it to appear in the drop down list?  *given that I don't wish to do the aforementioned workaround (create board from saved filter)

@Lou Rodriguez the issue with the alternative you describe is that the board is now created under your name as the Location, in my case under "Marielle Briant", as opposed to under the team board that your team is already using and you want it to be associated with.

See below.

Does this only work for company-managed projects?

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 12.09.55 PM.png

I am facing the same issue with same observation, is this intended?

Like Troy Anderson likes this

I too have the same issue. I had just created a new Classic Software Project. But it is not appearing in the drop down list for creating issues (stories). I have tried the George's approach also. But still it does not find the project in the drop down. 

I wasted lots of time on this and was rather annoyed when I figured it out.   Some of the drop downs appeared to be cached.   If you don't see the project name or an issue in the drop down list,  start typing the project name (or issue id) in the select list and a search will be done and it will find the project or issue based on the drop down type.

Where's the answer?????

Jack Brickey Community Leader Apr 29, 2020

James, please see my response to Sandesh. Can you elaborate on your specific situation and provide screenshots or your project and how you are creating a board?

All the answers here seem to relate to Jira Cloud, rather than Jira Software (which is where this question resides).

Jack Brickey Community Leader Jul 07, 2022

Hi @Richard Cross ,

So the only reference to Jira Software is the fact that it is in the Jira Software Community collection. Jira Cloud is not an application but rather denotes the platform that Jira is running on. To confuse things a bit more we are dealing with time here. When this post was created there existed Jira Software Jira Core and Jira Service Management. Jira Software includes Jira Core which provides both software and business templates. Since that time Jira Core has been rebranded as Jira Work Management.

My point here is simply to convey that the direction of this thread remains viable.

Any update on this? I am facing same issue too.

Jack Brickey Community Leader Apr 29, 2020


Are you on Classic Business or Next-gen project? If so then the solution provided is your answer (set the Location as your profile). If you are on Classic Software please let me know and provide a screenshot of what you are seeing.

it is Next-gen Project. 

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Fazila Ashraf Community Leader Jul 04, 2018

Hi @MyHive Admin

Could you verify whether the Project's type is Software?

Jack Brickey Community Leader Jul 05, 2018

can you add a screenshot of the following:

  • Projects page where all projects are listed illustrating the project in question
  • screen where you are attempting to create the board and dropdown where it is missing

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