How to copy/paste Jira Issue Id and Title with minimal effort?

Alex Scott September 9, 2019

For a long while now, I've been copying the title/id of Jira workitems to paste into my checkin descriptions as seen in this image:


While it's always been a bit annoying that there hasn't been a better way, it's worked with minimal editing so I get something like this with an extra \n that I quickly delete.
# [v6.5] - Update TestRail title handling so services don't overwrite custom title

However, you made a recent change to add the "copy current issue url" link/tag and now when I copy my id/title, I get something like this and sometimes worse:
copy current issue url

[v6.5] - Update TestRail title handling so services don't overwrite custom title

Can we get an easy way to copy the id/title of issues? Here's an example:

If there is an easier way to copy/paste the id/title in one shot, please let me know. To clarify, this is what I would like to copy/paste into my checkins without editing.
TS-922 - [v6.5] - Update TestRail title handling so services don't overwrite custom title

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David Muller July 28, 2021

Hi @Alex Scott , I've also wanted a simple way to copy an Issue ID + title with minimal fuss to my clipboard. It's particularly helpful for adding Jira information to code checkins.

I created a Jira Cloud app that allows you to copy a Jira Issue key and title to your clipboard by clicking a button that appears on the issue view. The app also allows you to define a custom template so you can add more Issue data and personalize the copied text (including optionally enabling/disabling an embedded link back to the Issue).

Here's a screenshot showing how the app renders on an Issue view and the button you click to copy the Issue Key + title:

Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 4.25.32 PM.png

For your use case, you could define an additional custom button that would format the copied text exactly how you want for a code checkin (probably by disabling the embedded link back to the issue).

The app is called Copy Issue Link and you can find it here:

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Angélica Luz
Atlassian Team
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September 12, 2019

Hi Alex,

Thank you for reaching out to Atlassian Community!
I've tested on my local environment and there is no easy way to copy both fields and paste it without needing to edit it.
There was a feature request suggesting this that was closed in 2013 as "Won't fix" because it didn't have a lot of votes and comments.
As it has been a while and Jira changed a lot, we can create a new feature request for that.
Feel free to create this feature on (project JRACLOUD) or I can create the feature as well, can I use the screenshots you shared here to put in the feature?


Bruce Edge October 3, 2021

This is still needed. The fact that it wasn't voted for may be a lack of visibility.

Everyone I've watched using Jira has some contorted multi-step process for this.

The fact that there's a paid extension that does this proves the need.

Please re-open.

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João Lins March 9, 2022

Totally agree with @Bruce Edge, I've replied on the original issue suggesting to reopen the issue, this is a very simple change with high value for the users.

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Bruce Edge April 6, 2022

While this plugin helps:

it doesn't work in all contexts. In fact, it only works when you have a full screen view of a ticket. 

Would be nice if there was a "get URL with title in text" button next to every ticket number so the context is not limited.

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houdelou February 22, 2023

@Angélica Luz yes could you please reopen the issue or create a new one

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houdelou February 22, 2023

I know some people suggested to use plugins but this solution is not always possible on company networks.

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Bruce Edge March 6, 2024

5 years later, web UI now has menu option to:

"copy issue link"  ->

"copy issue key" -> YYY-362

However, both completely miss the mark for what's actually needed.


When one is pasting a ticket ref. we need 

1. A link to the ticket

2. Ticket title for easy identification (ie: WTF is this?)



YYY-362 Issue title text 

or even:

YYY-362 Issue title text 



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Chaitanya MLV June 9, 2023

Need a solution for this please - to copy ID and title together in JIRA 

This works and very useful in TFS

Rick Baker
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I'm New Here
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February 22, 2024

I'm surprised this feature doesn't exist. Please implement it.

Copy ID and title together, along with url, so I can paste it as a link  into something like Outlook.  A click on the title takes you to the page.

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