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How can I disable JIRA Previews in Slack? I'm not logged in to plugin.

JIRA plugin for Slack was disabled for me.
Yesterday, without asking, it turned on automatically.
Now each time I paste JIRA link to Slack, it shows annoying previews.
I'm not logged in to plugin. I don't want to get any notifications.

I don't want to see these previews coming from me. I don't want to paste '/jira unfurl' to EACH channel/dm.
How can I turn it off for all channels at once for me?

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Hi all. Thank you so much for your feedback. We continued to monitor similar feedback after release and are now working on adding a way for users to disable Jira issue previews in Slack for themselves by using the same /jira issue-previews command.

Thanks, David! That would be great 👍

Type "/jira issue-previews" in any DM and click Turn Off in the second row.

It works for me. Thank you!

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Thank you so much guys!

It doesn't work in private channels.  I get this message:

Sorry, but I can't post notifications inside this private channel unless you /invite
@Jira Cloud

So I try to invite Jira Cloud and I get this:

A valid channel name is required.

But there is no channel name because it's a private channel.

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The issue is still actual.

The issue is still actual.

word "actual" in english does not have the same meaning as it has in russian. So you better say "the question is still relevant"

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Atlassian please take actions ASAP.
This is very annoying! 

I second that question. Also unfurl does not work in private channel, it suggests I would invite Jira user to this private channel. Still showing previews.

I am with those who find this very annoying.  If I'm sending my team an update of the stories I plan to touch in the next sprint, Slack then adds so much garbage (oops, I mean "previews") that I need to keep scrolling up-and-down to stay with the conversation. 

How do I turn off the preview feature in all chats by default?
I will turn it on if and when I want it

Since it is one of the highest-rated features of our app, we knew most users would be delighted to get issue previews without any effort.

Where can I rate features? I would like to share some opinions.

The easiest way to give feedback about the Jira<>Slack integration would be to enter /jira feedback from Slack!

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It's still broken. Needs to apply to all channels and all DMs.

Very frustrating to see requests have been made about this for so long and the Jira team seems really happy with themselves about resolving it.

They tend to ignore the high visibility low hanging fruit. For a project management company, they seem very bad product priorities. Big push at my org to move to ADO.

Have you checked that you don't have the jira cloud plugin configured for that channel? I know you think it's off, but in our slack, we have to add them to each channel manually by typing a /jira connect. Try `/jira help` or `/jira manage` to see if you get config. options. Anyone in our slack can add it back. Maybe that's what happened for you?

If it's there, it probably means someone in your company finds them valuable, or maybe it's an official company process/policy to have it configured that way.

But if they're annoying some team members, you can also manage the connection to provide specific JQL to reduce the volume to just "issues just created" or just "Issues closed"–things your team in that channel might want to know–while reducing overall volume of notifications.

Another solve is to create a 'bots' channel and hook it up there for them. Then anyone on the team who likes having them can subscribe to that channel, while you can opt out.

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Hi all! Thank you again for the feedback. We have shipped changes to /jira previews (aka /jira issue-previews or /jira unfurl) that should help!

  • Previously, using /jira previews would only ally you to turn off Jira URL previews within the channel you used the command in. This made it so you had to use it over and over in each channel you talk in so that issue previews wouldn't come up. Also, it forced you to disable it for everyone in the channel, not just yourself.
  • ✨ Now, you can also turn off issue previews for any Jira link you send (regardless of what channel you send it in in) when you use /jira previews
  • You can still disable them on a channel-by-channel basis as well.
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This continues to make no sense. Why are you making someone else's settings affect my experience with your product?

Also, it doesn't work in private channels? So, no matter what, I'm getting the previews? We have to invite @jira into the channel before using the command to then control everyone else's settings in the channel.

I can appreciate the work being done, but I think it's misdirected. Is there some technical reason it's being done this way?

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Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for your feedback. David from the product team here. For now, there are two workarounds you can use:

  1. You can use the /jira issue-previews command to disable issue previews from appearing within a certain channel, as some of you have mentioned.
  2. You can click the "x" on the unfurl that appears after you send a Jira link to remove it from your message.

For some more context, we recently made issue-previews work by default since we saw users experiencing a lot of friction turning it on themselves. Since it is one of the highest-rated features of our app, we knew most users would be delighted to get issue previews without any effort. But, we are hearing similar feedback to yours and monitoring it so we can fully understand the problem before making changes to the app.

If you're willing to share, could you tell me more about why you'd like to disable issue previews in Slack? This can help us pick the best path forward.

1. You can use the /jira issue-previews 
It doesn't work. It doesn't help.
I want to switch it off for ALL channels and ALL DM's at once.

2. You can click the "x" 
It is VERY annoying to make it dozens/hundreds times a day.
If not remove it each time, it useless fills A LOT of space.

Please tell us, how to turn it OFF?JIRA Cloud ANNOYING plugin.png

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Previews take too many space and have never been wanted in first place. 

Just like with web links previews, you can't find stuff in chat if you don't turn it off.

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It's completely backwards that it doesn't matter what your settings are (e.g. I don't even have JIRA connected to my Slack account), but the sender's account settings. When someone else has it connected and sending the previews, it shows for everyone. Their setting shouldn't have an effect upon my experience.

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> tell me more about why you'd like to disable issue previews in Slack

because I don't want 90% of the content in chat to be annoying jira bot's messages and only 10% to be human written words

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Hi David,

Given the number of people who really dislike this "feature", I'm guessing your user focus group got this one wrong. Certainly, in my company everyone thinks this is a really annoying nuisance. I haven't found a single person who said they liked it.

At the very least every feature like this should at least have a global configuration that you can set across the board. It's a pretty egregious design oversight to force the user to have to go through their direct message list and run this hack in every one to fix the problem. Ditto for all of the 43 channels I had to do that in as well.

Please fix this design defect as soon as possible. It's costing everyone productivity.

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