Can someone tell me how to find the Team ID which is associated with the Advanced Roadmaps ?

Minnu Abraham January 24, 2020

In the confluence filter we need to add the team ID, can some one guide on how I can find this.

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Ferenc Ghido May 25, 2021

Follow the steps (I am using Chrome):

  1. go to Plans menu and click on Manage Shared Teams
  2. right cklick on the page and select Inspect / Networks
  3. do the search for the Team (Example "App")
  4. select tha last outcome ("find") and on the Response you will have all the Teams with this word
  5. format the outcome (in Nodpad++) and search for the right team to get the id



Mauro.Martins May 31, 2021

You saved my life! Been trying to find this for ages now!

Prasad Kawadkar May 15, 2023

Truly a lifesaver!
Thanks for this, Ferenc.

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Minnu Abraham January 24, 2020

Hi Guys, I found that if you try to add the team name in JQL filter query then it automatically gets conveyed to Team ID. 

Ferenc Ghido May 25, 2021

Be carful of the outcome as if you have multiple teams with portion of the name will bring the first oucome.


  1. create App_Team1 -> id = 1
  2. create App_Team2 -> id = 2
  3. create App -> id = 3
  4. JQL search (Advance mode): Team = App -> will give back --> Team = 1

Expected outcome is Team = 3 but the actual result Team = 1

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Robert Mullins June 23, 2023

Go to Advanced JQL search.

type "Team[Team]" = 

after you hit the '=' symbol and hit the space-bar and autocomplete list will pop up.
Select the team you want to see the ID of which will give you the ID number.

Also, this shows the Shared Teams ID's.

Nilesh Joshi February 26, 2024

Best and quickest way to find the ID.. thanks!!

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Lucy Dilts March 1, 2024

All my team ids are full uiids --> 39098b0b-d0b2-4bfc-be8b-84bdfcb9b667-7689

This doesn't seem to be working for automation for auto populate though.


Nilesh Joshi March 1, 2024

Can you try running this JQL:

issuetype = User Story AND Team = 7689


This should return the user stories that belong to your team.

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Lucy Dilts March 1, 2024

HI All -

All I can see if the full uiid --> 39098b0b-d0b2-4bfc-be8b-84bdfcb9b667-7689.

Is this the Team Id?


Nilesh Joshi March 1, 2024

last 4 digits i.e. 7689 is the Team ID

Rafał Chomik March 7, 2024

Hi @Nilesh Joshi , 

Newly created Teams have quite different ID, without the last part. It seems to be working only for old Teams that have been created before Team field changes. I am right?


Sanil Panicker March 9, 2024

yes in newly created teams we see that you can use the same full uid and that works.

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