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Resolved Tickets and Reporting

Hi Atlassian Community!

I am working on creating custom reports for my Jira Service Desk. 

I noticed that our reports stopped calculating resolved calls in Nov 2020 and I'm not sure why. 

Looking back at previous weeks it looks like some weeks show resolved calls but other weeks calculated fixed statues. 


I am thinking there is an issue with the setup of my "resolved" status. 


Any help is greatly appreciated-thank you 

Service Desk Report 2.PNGService Desk Report 1.PNGService Desk Report 3.PNG

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Jan 19, 2021

just a wild guess here but looking at the graphs I wonder if someone changed the workflow (or other change) in late October that resulted in issue moving to Resolved w/o setting the Resolution field. Can you look at some of the more recent Resolved issues and see if the Resolution is set?

Hi Jack,

Thanks much for your response. We did recently change our workflow/statuses in Jira Service Desk. 


Is there a setting in Jira to link the resolved status correctly? 

Jack Brickey Community Leader Jan 20, 2021

before you go editing the WF I think you should check to see if issue (recent) are in the 'done' status BUT the resolution is not set. Can you check that and get back to me here? Basically, if the Resolution isn't being set you need to do this on any transition into any of your 'done' statues. Now I note three statuses in your image that fall into that (green) category: Pending Approval, Resolved and Closed. I question why Pending Approval is considered done IMO it should be in progress category. You will also want to clear the Resolution whenever you reopen issues.

Hi Jack - I understand this thread and what the issue is. I am having the same issue in my JSD where statuses of Done still show Unresolved so I will look at the transitions there. However, I have Jira cloud projects that also don't have transitions but when the status is done the resolution is resolved automatically. Why?


simple jira workflow.PNG

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@Emily Swanson -

Hi Emily:

Can you provide the JQL that you have setup in your custom reports?  So I can take a look at them.  Possible issues are:

1) The JQL is setup incorrectly.

2) In your issue's WF, when an issue moves to the terminal status (i.e. Resolved), the resolution is not being set.

However, it is hard to say unless I can see your JQLs used for your report.

Best, Joseph Chung Yin

Jira/JSM Functional Lead, , Global Infrastructure Applications Team

Viasat Inc.

Hi Joseph, 

Thank you for your help. I am new to Jira Service Desk but I am assuming you mean JQL for each series in my report? Please see below

Created Tickets:


assignee in (5c2cd83df9d0ab2efb439b75, 5ceefb2c6f51c10fbd18d233, currentUser(), 557058:5eeb8e62-940f-4065-a2a1-c5a1ba9b1843, EMPTY) AND issuetype in standardIssueTypes() AND status in ("Added To Backlog", Closed, Escalated, Open, "Pending Approval", Resolved, "Waiting for customer", "Waiting for support")


Resolved Tickets:

issuetype in standardIssueTypes() AND status in (Closed, "Pending Approval", Resolved) AND assignee in (5f5a569a662e2d00767754f8, 5ceefb2c6f51c10fbd18d233, 5c2cd83df9d0ab2efb439b75)


Thank you,


@Emily Swanson -

Looking at the "status" part of the JQL, it seems correct where both queries contains the same statuses of (Closed, "Pending Approval", Resolved").

The question will be with your WF of the issues where resolution value is set at what status. Just as what @Jack Brickey mentioned.  You will need to work with your system admin (one who can configure the WF) to determine at which status does the resolution value gets set.

Best, Joseph

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the reply. I am actually a Jira Admin for my organization. I guess I'm a little lost where I go in the software to find my resolution value is set to what status. So far this is what I have found in our settings in case it is helpful.


Workflow.PNGResolved Status.PNGResolved Status 2.PNG

@Emily Swanson -

In your WF, you need to access the transition by viewing your WF in "Text" mode instead of the "Diagram" mode.  Once in the "Text" mode, you will see all of your transitions.  Click on the transition and access the POST FUNCTIONS tab, this is the place where Resolution value is set.


Hope this helps.

Best, Joseph

Workflow 5.PNGworkflow 4.PNGWorkflow 2.PNGWorkflow.PNG


Hi Joseph, 

Thank you for the continued helpful information. I hadn't found this screen so I feel like I am getting closer. 


When I look at the Resolved Transition Post Functions I don't have the ability to add/edit/delete any of the 5 existing functions. I can add a new function if this is what is causing the issue but I'm not sure what needs to be added. 

My other thought was that I need to somehow link the resolved status to the closed status? 

Thank you for any help

@Emily Swanson had the same issue this week. Based on your progress i managed to find out how.

1. I went to WF diagram edit mode
2. Clicked on the transistion
3. Clicked on Post Functions
4. Added a Post Function with type "Edit Field"
5. In post function setup i choose "Resolution"
6. Then i choose "Done"
7. Then I saved the transtion post function update by clicking Publish Draft

Service desk is wierd in the way I saved the post functions, so i would go and publish from the post function edit view, then reload the workflow and go into edit mode to apply the changes to the other transitions.

Hope that helps someone, it's super quirky.

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