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Repeating SLA

WasimBuden March 11, 2020



I am new to Atlassian and looking for help on configuring SLA.


Requirement: We are trying to setup an SLA (basically a OLA for internal teams), wherein we are trying to track tickets where customer updates are due. Example:

1. Client opens a P1 ticket -> we have a commitment to send updates everyone hour.
2. Engineer picks the ticket and sends a update to client between 0-60minutes and the SLA is met. But the trigger for the next update between 60-120 minutes should trigger.


Ideally the SLA condition should reset. I tried all possible conditions and options no luck.

I am able to setup SLA and meet it once but not able to create repeat cycles. But for any support organization this is very crucial and very basic as we are gauged on our response SLA to the tickets.

Checked this link : This doesn’t help, why – This works when specific status is set, but what if a engineer follow the process?

All that we need is a mechanism where, SLA is met and reset. Possible? Any suggestion on this is much appreciated.


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WasimBuden March 11, 2020

I will create loop SLA.

My approach was equal condition (example: comment) for start-counting and end-counting. So my hope end-counting start also next start-counting. But by end-counting stop time and after next commend start counting new. I will, if I one click for command, ending first SLA AND start next new SLA.  

comment -> start SLA;
comment -> end SLA;
comment -> start SLA;
comment -> end SLA;

I need:
comment -> start SLA;
comment -> end SLA - start SLA;
comment -> end SLA;

The idea is permanent (example: every 1 hour ) timebased feedback for a ticket and not state-based. 

If its possible or what is to do? Please help me and I am thankful for every comment.

Zoryana Bohutska _SaaSJet_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
November 26, 2020

Hi @WasimBuden 

You can try to do this using SLA Time and Report app. It gives the possibility to set the comment as a start/pause/stop condition for the SLA timer. And if you want that one command ending first SLA AND start next new SLA - you can set few SLA conditions. In one of them, the comment from one role will be a stop for the timer, and in another config, it will be a start. 

Hope it will help you



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