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Project Level Admin privilege

Lawrence Demers August 7, 2019

I am working with a team setting up a new instance of JSD.  We have numerous projects running and my project has a more complex need than the others.  I need to build out some Bundled lists/dependent lists to control what the users are asking for when they have an Incident Request or an Asset Request.  Each component has different criteria and specs.  Each criteria drives the list for the next.  Currently users input information that is jibberish and we lose time trying to contact the requester and we waste time tracking down requirements they should know.

It is our desire to create an ordering system that will only provide the combinations that are viable - like ordering food at any fast food restaurant.  IF you want to do something off the menu provide your comments.

I can not experiment or play with any 3rd party tools like ProForma Lite or create pages because that is done at the System Admin level - not at the Project where I have my authority.  

Is there a way to grant limited permissions at the Project Level or create a sub system Admin privilege?

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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
Community Leader
Community Leader
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August 14, 2019

I'm afraid the permissions model is quite rigid here (improved a lot, but motion on that seems to have stalled recently) - the permission scheme an admin can impose on a project grants "project admin" as it always has, there's a flag for "allow advanced project admin", and Service Desk Agents get a lot of config power over the requests and portal, but none of them are going to let your project admins configure your projects in that way.  You'll need an admin (and probably some automation and scripting!)

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Lawrence Demers August 14, 2019

Thanks for the feedback Nic.  It was what I thought.  I understand the concern of a Lead making changes that are "Global" and can affect other projects.    I know that will get old real quick for our Admin.  It is too bad that they couldn't give "Local" or project control to the Lead with regards to the Screens, Page look and feel for the project, and then the Fields and Product List generations - that will update regularly.

So I will need to petition our Admin for every Screen/Field/ and List update that is exclusive to my project.

Again thanks for the feedback and the couch to complain from.


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