Ongoing quarterly reporting of stats & performance for Service Desk - What do you do?

Megan Palmer July 26, 2018

Hello everyone,

spoiler alert: I'm not super technical so please bear with me. :)

Obviously, Jira provides a lot of dashboards and the option for queries to narrow in on the stats you want. To me, this is all good for shorter-term operational awareness but I'm looking to do more long-term reporting of performance (like a quarterly report) that is repeated...well... quarterly! To help you visualize what I'm taking about, it would look like a PowerPoint report with graphs showing things like FCR trended quarter by quarter, average time to resolution by request type trended, looking at the types of requests that take the longest and noting what they all have in common. Basically anything insightful that can help with planning and improvement on a larger scale..

My background is in market research and for this kind of thing, generally I would be looking to export a raw data file of everything that was recorded during the time frame of interest, then do all my analyses off that one raw file using SPSS. 

Given that I can't download any raw file with any more than 1,000 records, I would like to know:

Who is currently doing similar ongoing reporting of analytics and metrics based on Jira-collected info?


What data source are you using? Have you found a workaround for exporting a large set of data? Do you just rely on dashboards, taking screenshots of the graphs and tossing them into a PowerPoint? Please enlighten me with your methods!


If you're not doing any ongoing formal reporting like I've described, please comment and let me know as well. I just have no sense of who is using Jira in the way I need to use it. 

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon! 




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