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Limiting notification of Service Desk tickets

Benjamin Peikes May 2, 2019

Currently, we use the Notifications configuration for our Service Desk project to send out a Notification for all of our users in the Service Desk Agent group when a new issue is created. We do this so we all know when a new ticket comes in.

One of the issues, is that there are cases where we open tickets to communicate with clients. In these cases, we are the Reporter (we want to keep it that way because it makes sense that the reporter in this case is us), and we add our clients to the Request Participants on the ticket.

We're trying to figure out how to filter this out from the Notifications, as the whole group does not need to be notified when this happens. We've thought about removing the user group which contains our agents from the "Issue Created" Notification, and switching to something like Automation, where we can add filtering, i.e. only sending a notification to the group when the user is not a service agent, or if the issue has a particular type/field set.

The issue is, Automation kind of sucks. There is no action, "Send notification".  The "Send email" action does not not allow you to set it to a Jira group. Only the "Reporter" or "Customers involved". (I'm not even sure what Customers involved includes).

Yes, we could do this with a ScriptRunner script, but I'm looking for something out of the box. Any ideas?

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Susan Hauth _Jira Queen_
Community Leader
Community Leader
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May 2, 2019

Hi Benjamin,

I too have been down your road and tried all those avenues.  So here's what I recommend and this is based on some fatal mistakes.

So you must have an Issue Created event when your issue is created.  I tried changing it once as I wanted a specific issue type to notify a different group of people.  Apparently this event if missing won't kick off the SLA on Service Desk for "issue created".  Learned that one the hard way.

Scriptrunner "fire an event" post function works great, and I have used it many times.  So since you can't mess with your "issue created" then leave it and remove everyone from that notification.

Then add in two scriptrunner post events for your two scenarios. 

And yes the notification end of thing in JSD does suck.  They should provide for a group, role anything but just a list of users.  Note: I use app "Automation for JIra" it works beautifully for email notifications.

Hope that helps!!



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