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Jira issues access to team managers without having JSM license



I have request to provide dashboard or report for team manager for their team reported issues 

and I found to provide them access to filters I have to give them license and they are not service desk agent and i don't want to do this 

I just want to give them access to their team members reported issues without consuming licenses 

is there any idea of this other than send them email with defined criteria ? 



Mohamed Saad



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Mark Segall Community Leader Sep 12, 2022

Hi @Mohamed Saad Taha - You just need to give them the Browse Projects permission in the project permission scheme.  

HI @Mark Segall 


even if I give them Browse permission then can't access the agent portal 

Please correct me if I miss configuring this 

Mark Segall Community Leader Sep 13, 2022

Correct they will not see the agent view unless they have licensing.  However, you mentioned in your initial question the ability to view dashboards/reports.  If they have Browse Projects permission, they will be able to create/view filters against that project and any dashboards served by those filters. The agent view is meant strictly for those that are working requests.  Leaders should rely upon dashboards to get the information they need.

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@Mark Segall 

is there any hope without consuming the license ?

Mark Segall Community Leader Sep 19, 2022

You should not need to consume licensing for leadership, but the caveat is that they should not be focused on the JSM queues.  Instead, they should have dashboards.  As long as they have Browse Projects permission, they can execute JQL against the project so they can create/view filters, subscriptions, and dashboards as appropriate.  So, the focus here should not be on getting them access to the Jira queues, but instead focusing them on dashboards that will give them the analytics they need.  If they're insistent upon having access to the queues, it'll cost licensing.

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Hi @Mark Segall 

is they any OOB way to give them access to dashboards?

cause to give them browse projects permission they must have license

Mark Segall Community Leader Sep 19, 2022

They do not need a license for Browse Projects permission.  They just need a Jira account.

HI @Mark Segall 

thanks a lot for your patient but I am littel bit confused as when I try to login to jira with account have Browse permission ( Without Jira license JSM or jira software ) 

it redirect me to customer portal which not contain any way to browse projects 


I am using Jira Service Management 4.20.8 

browser Project.JPG


so How can I give browse permission from customer portal ?

Mark Segall Community Leader Sep 20, 2022

HI @Mohamed Saad Taha - They're being diverted to the portal because they are not on the project.  You would need to edit the permission scheme and add those individuals or add a project role like "Jira Users" to the permission and add those individuals to the project role.  

Separately, you want to make sure they are accessing Jira through the internal link rather than the portal link.

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Hi @Mark Segall I get your point thanks alot for your support but after I achieved this I can limit their access to certain filters ? 

or they can access all issues inside this project ?

Mark Segall Community Leader Sep 20, 2022

I apologize - I missed that you're wanting managers of the reporter not managers of the agent in your request.  This would require a different solution. 

This one will not be an easy answer to automate.  You'll need some mechanism to identify the manager and then add them as a participant on each issue.  You may be able to handle this with Insight and Automation for Jira, but I'm not as familiar with what's possible on Jira Server Insight/Automation combo.  The other option is to go with the approach offered by @Ivan Garcia Iturrospe _Appfire_ 

Again, apologies for my misunderstanding on the original question.  

@Mark Segall  your solution is valid if I can limit their access to certain filters (Reporters) 

Mark Segall Community Leader Sep 20, 2022

There would be a lot of overhead on that.  The only way you can be assured that they would only have access to relevant issues would be doing a lot of work with issue level security.  Otherwise, they can always create their own queries which would be inclusive of every issue within the project.  

The simplest short term option is to have the managers instruct their reports to include them on every reported issue.  The reporter can click "Share" on the issue and add their manager accordingly.

To do something more automated and (most importantly) secure, Jira will need a source of truth for the org chart (this is where Insight could be a possible solution) that automation would be able to query and then automation would be able to automatically add them based upon the reporter of each request.

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In order to log into jira, you need to have some sort of a license. For server versions, this could have been a jira core, jira software or jira service management. 

Datacenter edition got rid of the jira core. So your users would need either a jira software or a jira service management license.  

That said, users with Software licenses can view service management projects. (they will be limited in how they can interact with issues in a JSM project, but they can view them.) And software licenses are a lot cheaper then JSM agent licenses. 

So one option would be to get Jira Software licenses for the managers.

But the problem is now you can't get new licenses for Server edition anymore, you have to go to data center edition, and the minimum is 500 users..

But despite what the answer says above, in order to log into the jira web interface (not the portal but the full interface) you need some sort of a license. Just giving "browse project" permission will not do it.


An interesting option would be to leverage the Better Excel Exporter add on

Using this, you can create excel "templates" and export the data into them, creating reports using excels features. Combined with automation, you could generate a daily report and email to the manager.


As for matching the user to their manager. if you are organized correctly in Active Directory, you can leverage Active Directory Attribute sync

to assist with that.

So there are options that you could piece together to generate reports, but it would take some work.

You could also look at functions within automation for Jira that can email to arbitrary email addresses, and do a similar daily report as well.



Side note, you can set up Anonymous access

But that would make your instance completely public, which is not what you want.

Hi @Mohamed Saad Taha 

I agree with Mark, they'd need a license if you want them to access the agent portal.

In case you're up for trying an add-on, my company provides a solution called Dashboard Hub for Jira - Reports & Charts, which lets you easily share dashboards with external stakeholders with unique and secure links, like this one.

External Share.gif

Also, it is possible to let users access dashboards from the Customer Portal.

Customer Portal.gifd

Hope this helps, feel free to try the app for 30 days without any charge :)

Iván, Product Marketing Manager

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