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How to revert back by my work flow

Can someone help me revert back my previous work flow which i have created few min back

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Hi @santz 

It depends - did you:

  • Modify an existing workflow or create a new one and replace it?
  • If you modified an existing workflow - did you take a copy of your old one?

^ If you replaced your old workflow with a new one, or took a copy during the publish of new changes, you'll be able to modify the workflow scheme and include your old workflow.

However, if you've modified your live workflow without a copy you'll need to manually edit it back to its previous design.

If this was a default workflow - let us know the request type, whether this is Cloud or Server/DC and if Cloud, Classic or Next-Gen - and I'll see if I can find the default workflow design :)


It is Cloud, Classic

Hi @santz 

If it was a default workflow, as a Jira Admin you could:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Next, go to Jira Settings > Issues > Workflows
  3. Locate the new project's workflow - which matches the one you modified
  4. Press "Copy", to create a new workflow
  5. Modify the workflow scheme in your current project, replacing the modified workflow with the copied default, thus reversing the changes

^ If this wasn't a default workflow when you made the modifications, your choices are to restore the defaults using the process above - or manually reverse the modifications.

If the above sounds of interest but you'd like some more detailed instructions, let us know :)


I have not taken any backup and modified existing one, Can you help me on this

Hi @santz 

If you're following the process above to restore the default workflow - this is how you'd do it:

  1. Go to Projects > Create project
  2. Choose the project template which matches your existing project - and then populate the rest of the project's details
  3. Once created, go to Jira Settings > Issues > Workflows
  4. Search for the newly created project's workflows - and locate the specific one which matches the workflow you modified
  5. On the far-right, press the hyperlink "Copy"
  6. Give the new copied workflow a name, and press the blue "Copy" button
  7. Next, select "Workflow Schemes" from the left-hand menu
  8. Locate the Workflow Scheme assigned to your original project, and select it to enter the detailed view
  9. Press the "Add Workflow" button just below the title/description
  10. Locate the newly copied workflow you created in Step 6
  11. Select it, and press Next
  12. Apply the workflow to the appropriate issue types, to override the modified workflow - for example, if this was the "Jira Service Desk Default Workflow", it would be applied to Tasks and Sub-Tasks - then press Next
  13. Once applied, press the blue "Publish" button to complete this change

^ This should revert your workflow back to the default settings :)

Once complete, you're free to delete the new project you created, as it will no longer be needed.


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Sorry to bother you, i am not able to do that. Can you help me  everything to go to normal stage where it was in the morning?  There are three running projects connected to the same work flow which i have created in the morning. Management is yelling at me on this, there is no one who understand it very well. Can you help me revert that everything from your side? Is it possible?

And this is the last edited time "This workflow was last edited by you at 09/Sep/20 3:08 PM"

Hi @santz 

There is no specific roll-back feature for workflows.

If no copy was made, you'll need to either modify it back from memory - or reset it to default.


Hi Stephan,

Your answer was really helpful. Thanks :)

How do you restore if you have taken a backup though?

Hi @jake_naughton 

If you took a backup, it's saved as a separate version of the Workflow - it's just inactive.

So you can modify your Workflow Scheme, and just replace the existing, active Workflow with the one you saved as a backup :)


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Did you take a backup of it? 

No i have not taken any backup.

Without a backup, I'm afraid there is nothing to revert to.  You'll have to manually undo the changes you made by putting them back the way they were from memory.

Can you help me on this for manual backup

I don't know what your original workflow looked like because you have not given me a copy, so I cannot offer you any help going back to it.

Can we revert back everything from your side to original state like it was in the morning? "This workflow was last edited by you at 09/Sep/20 3:08 PM"

Again, if you did not take a backup, there is nothing you can do.  Your changes have destroyed what was there before.

To "revert", you will need to edit the workflow again and, from memory, put it back the way it was.

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