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Finding all inbound reference objects being manager

Marco April 21, 2023

Hi community,

currently having a knot in my brain trying to finding a matching query to solve my problem. 

We have an Assets object with objectType User and this object has attributes Managers and cost center. 

CostCenter is and integer attribute only containing numbers.

Manager is a reference to a different user object.

When user opens a confluence page with AssetsMakro, there should be displayed all objects of whom he is the manager.

So I need a AQL checking if the currentUser() has any inbound references of other user objects (check if he is a manager or a normal employee), then check if those user objects manager attribute is the current user, to make sure only his employees are displayed, check if the cost center matches and last getting all objects of the list retrieved by this query. 

I thought of something

object HAVING = (inboundReferences(objecttype = User AND object.manager = currentUser()) and currentUser().costcenter = ( ??))


So as you can see, I`m not very far yet ...

Maybe someone can help me to solve my riddle. 

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