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Email didn't create service desk ticket


One of our agents forwarded in an email to the mailbox monitored by JIRA Service Desk to create a ticket, but one was never created. He re-forwarded in the same message again and this time the ticket was created very quickly by the system. So the same email, same content, sent in about 30 minutes apart. The first time a ticket didn't get created, and the second time it did. Is there any log I can check or other investigation I can do into why this might have occurred? We cannot afford to have someone monitor the email box to make sure JIRA is always creating a ticket, we have to be able to just trust that it is.


Edit 5/17/17 - This has happened again this morning. Nothing in the connectivity log or processing log indicates a problem from the inbox, and other emails are being processed for creating tickets and adding comments to tickets. But there was an email that came in from an internal email that did not have a ticket created for it.

2 answers

This has been an issue with ours as well. At random times Jira dont create tickets from emails, no error logged, no error. The mailbox receives the emails but no error logs on the jira side or even it was received. But if the same person resends the same content it creates the ticket the second time.

This issue does not always happen though it very rare, but we keep a look at the mailbox incase we miss anything. I think Jira is bugged.

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Brant Schroeder Community Leader Apr 27, 2017


  In the past when we have had email issues I start at the inbox of the email account to make sure that both emails were recieved and are currently in the account.  I do this because there have been times were we have had email issues or the user forwarded to the wrong email address.

  If the email is in the account and we can rule out email issues I want to see why it was not pulled by Service Desk.  I follow the steps that can be found here: Troubleshooting JIRA Service Desk Incoming Mail This article provides step by step of items to check.  

Something else to consider is if there are any other service desk cases that are named the same in the subject line.  I have had individuals submit multiple requests with the subject line "Duplicate User" and ocassionally they will get grouped together.  I have also had it where an agent or another user forwards it on and it gets added to the other issues with the same subject line when the issue has not been closed.  Hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply Brant. I have logged into the email account that is monitored for email tickets by the service desk system and confirmed both emails came in. The first one came in at 10:39 AM, and the second one at 11:00 AM. The second one was sent in because by then the first one still hadn't created a ticket. They're both still in the email inbox.

I followed the link you gave and looked over the troubleshooting steps suggested. According to the log, on the Connectivity Log there are no entries on the day this happened. This suggests to me there were no issues. And on the Processing Log there is only a record of the ticket that was generated at 11:00 AM with no mention of the first one at 10:39 AM.

Regarding the subject line, it was simply Fwd: MTM Trends. This was the same subject line of the second email which successfully generated a ticket, so I still cannot determine why the first one didn't get picked up by the system

Any additional thoughts on figuring out the cause of this issue?

Brant Schroeder Community Leader May 02, 2017


  Was there any connectivity issues during that time?  If JIRA was unable to pull from the email server for a longer than normal time then this could have caused the issue as well.  If it were to process the emails at the same time then only one would come in since it would see them as duplicates.  

With that being said 21mins in between tickets should have been more than enough time for them to process though becuase JIRA fetch process runs every 2min.  If you logs did not show any connectivity issues during the time I am stumped at what it could be.  You could look deeper in the JIRA logs and see if there was something out of the ordinary that happened during that time.  Otherwise I would call it a fluke and if it happens again turn on additional logging to help identify the issue.

Best of Luck



Thanks for your reply. The only way I have to know if there were any connectivity issues during that time is the logs I referenced, because they seem to show if/when there's connectivity problems. There were no records showing that all day on the day in question. Is there a way to turn on additional logging in the Service Desk product? The link you referenced is turning on additional logging in Confluence, and there doesn't seem to be a similar setting that I could find in Service Desk.

Hello Brant, this is not a fluke, and happens quite often in our newly created Jira Service Desk. I can send and/or forward 1 email 3 or 4 times to our Generic Help Desk email (which currently forwards to both Spiceworks and Jira), and they will all show in Spiceworks help desk, but only 1 or 2 will show in Jira Service Desk. Sometimes, none will show in Jira.. sometimes they all will. I have also emailed Jira Service desk directly, and sometimes, all will show, sometimes, none will show. This definitely has nothing to do with our connectivity because Jira is the only service not picking up emails reliably. We have no other email forwarding problems, company-wide. My company would like to shift to Jira Service Desk, but with unreliable ticket creation, we will sadly have to pass. Please advise us how we can fix this, and begin to utilize the service. Thank you.

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