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Can Service desk customers be allowed to edit description of a request?

Can Service desk customers be allowed to edit description of a request?

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JIRA Service Desk Overrides JIRA's edit permission, you need to have an Agent License  and a member of the Service desk Team in order to edit issues. 

If you use the permission helper, it will show you the conditions needed to edit the issues.

I'm having the same problem

I did edit de global and project permissions, so my customers would edit their own comments and delete their own attachtments, but it doesnt work.


So there is no way customers can edit comments if they dont have agent license o the global permission to edit?



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Why is this ticket marked as solved? 

The accepted answer merely confirms that editing a issue does not work, it does not give a solution.

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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all the feedback provided in this thread.

Today, Jira Service Management does not allow the editing of fields for portal restricted customers once the issue is created, although we have the following improvement request to consider this option in the future:

Allow Editing of Fields through the Service Desk Request 

Feel free to vote and watch the suggestion to increase its priority and also receive notifications about any updates.

While we know this may not be the ideal solution for some scenarios, you can use the comment section to add/edit any information that was incorrectly added or missed in the issue creation. That's the main source of communication between Agents and customers, so that should properly work while we consider the implementation of the improvement request above.


I don't understand why you would allow customers to make cloned issues if they do not have an opportunity to edit the contents.  Often we see users clone tickets (as they normally do on non-ITDESK boards) only to find out they can't edit the tickets afterwards.  This leads to wildly messy tickets where the body of the ticket is largely irrelevant since the body of the ticket may specific details to a well-past, well-resolved ticket, but now all the relevant details need to be maintained in the comments?

Either allow editing or remove cloning, cloning is very problematic without the ability to edit.

I also think it's totally ridicolous that you need to let a customer become agent just to simply edit their description. I also would like to have that feature ... the customer should be allowed to correct and change the request in specific states. 

I'm currently having a trial license of Jira service desk, but more and more get the feeling it's too inflexible (like also you can not add more (custom) fields to show in the portal), so thinking about to move on to another helpdesk system..

Maybe you want to consider using a standard Jira project with a screen scheme that limits the create and edit screens to the screens the customer should have access to.  You can use transition screens to update all fields.

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Any update on this. Are there plans to enable this feature?

i tried adding service desk customers role to the edit issues permissions and it didn't work, in fact JIRA gave me an alert stating there was an error in the permissions. Does anyone have a step by step to enable service desk customers to be able to edit their own issues? I don't mind if they can edit any issue in that particular portal even.

JIRA Service Desk overrides the Edit issue Permission.  Users Must be an agent to edit an issue. 

Jira has a powerful permission administration and with this override it makes is average. For me it's a key feature that customers can edit their issues!

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Do you need to use Service desk project?   Could you use a non-service JIRA project where JSD does not override the roles? 

If I'm using a Business or Software project we miss the SLA functions. So we need the Service Desk project.

I agree,

this is pretty strange behaviour to override edit permission,

since some cases need this.

E.G.: we're having account request forms with checkboxes, dropdowns, etc.

And sometimes things need to be changed afterwards, by the requester. ;)

Could this be added please. Otherwise this feature lagg will make the product static as hell and not as proclaimed agile.

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+1 for this feature. Our customers are asking for this.

+1 for allowing users to edit their own support tickets.  It's amazing we're even having to discuss it as being an option.  This is the only support ticket system I've ever used that does not allow this.

We can acquire information through the form at point of submission, but things can change.  Priority can change.  The client can have an additional conversation with the customer and acquire more information that needs to be added.  There is too much churn back and forth for Developers to be responsible for updating a client's support ticket for them.

Same here. Customers need to edit the impact / urgency / priorities in case they need to change it later after creation of ticket. Atlassian has to implement this.

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I also agree outside customers should be able to go back and edit their submitted tickets. We utilize a date field and it is so easy for someone to select the wrong date and then not be able to fix it on their side. 

Same. We're using JSD like Patric and Michael above with hiring managers filling in requests for their new employees. If they can't edit their tickets, IT has to enter those things manually, defeating the purpose of JSD.

+1 from here as well. Maybe one day such basics will be available, hopefully before nobody uses Jira SD anymore? 🤔

Of course I understand that Jira want's to let some of these options for their partners and market place vendors to do their share of business. Unfortunately such basics are not yet(?) available even from add on side so you can't get such basics even when paying for them some extra? This is even more ridiculous from Customer point of view. 😔

After several years customers have being complaining about lacking such basics and still we're in the square 1, how it's even possible? 🤷‍♂️

+1 such basic functionality of correcting the provided information is required for end users. I also see in the comments to use Jira instead then why do we need to choose Jira service desk add on if we already have that ? ridiculous. 

How is this issue set to solved?

I just discovered Jira Servicedesk is basically "A chat frontend to jira software issue comments that pretends to be a service desk tool."

Please fix this Atlassian!

Even approval page doesn't give option to edit the issue apart from adding comments. A customer must be able to edit the issue. 

This is a blockers for us as either we have to convert customer to agents or doesn't use the system.

Admin, please suggest on this

Hey all Jira Cloud admins, 

This question thread was created in 2015 and it's still valid in 2022... There is no edit solution for customers out-of-the-box, however, there is a workaround called the Feature Bundle app. Please keep in mind this is a commercial app and I'm from the vendor team. 


To enable edit, go to JSM project settings and find the Edit Request page. The next step is to choose what fields should be editable by customers. On that page, you can also select the target status of the edited request. 

Feel free to book a Zoom call with our team in case of any questions.  



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Is there any ticket about this problem ? I also want to vote 

1 vote
Paulo Hennig Atlassian Team Aug 25, 2015

You're right Taulia, the customers can't edit issues. 
For more information about permissions between Agents, Customers and Collaborators, I'd advice you to take a look on the following link:


This makes NO sense. Our customers need to be able to change the priority after creation. They need to be able to set a due date after creation, they need to be able to set a screen field on transition.

While I understand you want to have as many users paying for JIRA and agent subscriptions, it is ridiculous to restrict the simple ability to edit fields after the issue is created. We waste so much time editing issues via customer comments.

I also see this is common in the Atlassian feedback systems and yet there is never any Atlassian comment or action.

So frustrating that we are going to probably move from the Atlassian service. We have over a hundred staff on Confluence, Jira and Service Desk, yet the nit picking in Service Desk is too much of a headache to outweigh the integration benefits. 

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Question @Marc Turner , why would you not set the priority and due date when the ticket is created? 

Additionally, We have Service-Now and we cannot change the original data in the submission ticket.   I think this is a best practice for ITSM is not to allow the original request to change. 

you can also look at products such as Backbone that will allow you to sync issues between a service desk project and standard JIRA software project.

I am having a similar issue with this. Customers' priorities are always changing, and it would be great if they can see/edit the priorities in the portal 

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I haven't tried this but the workflow could be modified to show an "update" transition  to the client and add a screen to that transition with the fields to be updated or just modify an existing transition e.g. escalate. I know this works for the Resolved transition when setting the resolution. If this works for editing initial fields values, it would need to be added to each applicable workflow status and by using JSU restricting the Client to return to the previous status. Has anyone tried this?

Jeffrey, we are using the My Requests Extension for Jira Service Desk to show the priority in our case the SLA priority.

I quickly tried my suggestion above with no joy. The transition screens only allow a comment to be added by the client even though the screen itself has other fields. This is likely due to client permissions.

The problem we've been facing internally is that customers are able to clone previous issues, but then not edit the information in the now cloned ticket.  If Atlassian is going to stand behind this completely poorly thought out restriction, please add the restriction of not letting customers clone tickets.

Customers often come into a service desk and start developing a ticket. Sometimes its necessary to multitask and do research or have to come back to a ticket later with more information. This situation is where the customer needs a draft status. Not having this capability is very limiting.

We solved this with Actions for Jira Servicedesk.

I added a transition at the initial status to the initial status and called it EDIT.

Works good and you can decide in the Workflow when the user has the possibility to edit fields at a certain step in the workflow. The transition also can be shown in the customers ticket in the portal.
Just select the option in the configuration of the transition.

I would also asume to have this functionality in the Core of servicedesk. But in the meanwhile this was a workaround for us.

Thanks Johan,

But it doesn't seem right that we ave to buy apps for such a basic functionality that the Jira Service Desk should have. They should include it in the next release.


Thanks again.

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I Agree with BSD Admin!!!

And since we use Cloud, is there an alternative for 'actions-for-jira'? it could help us out, even we need to pay for it...

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Has anyone submitted a ticket with Atlassian about this? This is one I would certainly vote on.

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It is now august 2019 and this issue is still not resolved? As described by many people here, it is totally unacceptable for customers not being able to edit the issues they created. 

For us this will almost certain lead to customers refusing to use this system :-(

It seems that only agents are able to edit issues.

I tried doing that but it doesnt let the users have edit rights. It says permission denied

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Yes. If your project role Service Desk Customers has Edit Issues permission in the Permission Scheme, and your customers are in that role, they can edit the description.

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