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Bitbucket Pipelines and Magento 2 deployment

Christian Mahlich November 6, 2019

Hi all,

we are running Magento 2 on an AWS Infrastructure (Single EC2 instance, Elastic Search Serves, DB Service).

We have a Prod and a seperate Stage environment up and running.

Right now our deployment is quite manual process 

- Pushe code to repo, create PR to stage branch

- Connect to Stage isntance via SSH, git pull stage branch, execute magento commands like reindex, restart etc.

- Test

- PR to master branch and same as above (Connect to instance, pull master brnach, execute commands)


I would like to improve this by using a more automated process with for example BitBucket pipelines. So far I did understand that I could run SCP to transfer my code to my environments but how to execute the update commands on each server or update db for example?

And also, how can I have different config files per environment? Right now we just have the config files on gitignore and do not have them on version control and manage them manually on the server.


I hope you can give me an insight where to start and how all this could look like.

Right now I am lost and dont understand how to improve this and where to start how the final picture could look like.

Thanks in advance!


Rafael Corrêa Gomes April 16, 2020

I have a tool to improve the deploy process, you are going to have the deploy of static files and DI in your server using a parallel folder when the entire deploy finished it's going to replace the symlink of the production store folder to the new one avoiding downtime and consuming less time in your pipelines.

Brian M. Jones January 27, 2021

@Christian Mahlich What solution did you end up with?


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