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Automations execution limit

Are there any limits to Automations' executions on JSD? I'm asking about old Automations feature not the new one (Automations for Jira that's currently included as built-in function instead of an app).

Especially for automations that works between the projects (like syncing status of JSD issue with issue on Jira Software). Adding that because that's what makes a difference for Automations for Jira executions limit. 

There are some strict executions limits for built-in Automations for Jira and now it's confusing - are both using the same execution limits?

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Hello Marcin,

Thank you for reaching out Atlassian Community!

For the built-in Automation in Service Desk, there are no limitations at the moment. The idea is that, in the future, this Automation will be removed from Service Desk projects and only the new Automation (old Automation for Jira)  will be available. 

Just for you to better understand this new automation and the limitations:

If a new automation rule is created and run for a specific project, the executions will be unlimited. This is true for Cloud Free, Standard, and Premium.

If a rule is created and applied to more than one project, it's considered global, so it will be limited. The limits for that are (for a month) 100 executions for Free plan, 500 executions for Standard and 1000 executions per licensed Premium user. 

In your case, where the automation works between two projects, it will be considered global and have limitations according to your Cloud Plan.

If you have any other questions about this matter, please let us know.


@Angélica Luz 

Thank you Angélica for your answer. 

I know that you will not be able to give me a date but is that removal of old JSD Automations something that may happen in a month / half a year / a year from now? Would be nice to be prepared for that.

Also I hope that one improvement to new Automation (old Automation for Jira) will be made before you decide to remove old Automations in JSD - ability to choose actor in the Cloud versions of Jira. It will be crucial for automations running on JSD issues.

I've seen that this suggestion was made somewhere already if there is an issue gathering interest currently I'd really like to give it my vote also.

Hi Marcin,

The migration will be in the coming months, we are not sure when, but I don't think it will take a year.

All the rules will be migrated, it's not necessary any action from your side, you don't need to worry about that.

Regarding the feature, we also don't know what improvements will be added.

I found a feature similar to the one you mentioned:

If that's not the one, please give us more details so I can search here.

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@Angélica Luz  1000 executions sounds not much - e.g. if we want to sync comments between linked tickets (in different Projects) I am sure won´t need a week to get this limit.

Is there an option to increate the execution count ? How does big company deals with it ? 

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Thank you for reaching out to Community!

The limitation of 1000 executions is for each premium licensed user. So, for example, if your site has 200 premium users, the limit will be 200,000 global rule executions. 

For more information about the limits, please, check the FAQ below:


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Many thanks for your fast response @Angélica Luz 

do you mean user = agents (at least for Jira Service Desk (JSD)) ?  

lets say we have 50 Agents for JSD - if we upgrade them to Premium we could run 50k Automations

Analog for Jira Software lets save we have 100 users - if we switch them to Premium we would have 200k global executions ? 


did I understand you and the FAQ correctly ?

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got the answer from Atlassian support: just in case somebody wants to know as well:

The Global Execution limit for the Premium Plan is 1000 per licensed user per month.
This includes Jira Software Premium (users) and Jira Service Desk Premium (agents).

If you have 100 users for Jira Software Premium and you have 50 agents for Jira Service Desk Premium that would give you a total of 150,000 global executions per month.

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The multiplication per user must be reply in Standard method. We have more than 50 user limited to 1000 and it is a continuous problem

@Angélica Luz 


Two more questions regarding the limits:


The limits from JSD and Jira Software subscriptions are summed up and can be used for any automation? (so if there is no automation running on JSD projects the quota can be used for automation running on multiple projects in Jira Software?) 


I've found out in your documentation an entry like this: 

What executions count towards my usage?


One exception to this is the cross-product Issue create action. For example, if you want to create an issue in Jira Software based off an event in Jira Service Desk – this will count as a single-project rule, not a global rule.


That's limited to only Issue Create action and issue clone action will be counted, right? And I can't make any other actions in the same automation?

  • For Service Desk projects:

As far as I know and understood the documentation the JSD automation have still no limitation

The limitation does only count towards Jira Automations (codebarrel) and then only to automations on multiple projects. So there is also no limitation if you use the Jira Automation only for one project (check the Automation settings - there are no execution limits if you set "Single Project"

  • For Classic-Software projects:

This automation is also only limited if you select multiple projects. There are no limits if you select "Single project"



About the Sum: I guess as the limitation counts only towards multi-project automations and is related to the paid accounts the multi-project automations from JSD and Classic Software projects will be calculated together towards your execution limit if those are multi-project automations.

IF I understand to documentation correct Create action shouldn´t count towards the limitation but I am not sure for clones

Hello @Marcin Szymkowiak  and,

Testing on my local site, the Clone action didn't count as global execution. I believe that it's also considered as a "Create issue".

I created a simple rule to clone the issue to a Software project when an issue on Service Desk is created. The rule was created on the SD project.

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 10.26.27.png

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 10.25.48.png

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 10.26.06.png

I created 5 issues on the SD project and it was cloned correctly. None of them was counted on the execution limits.

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Hi guys. We have these automations below which have been consuming the "Executions" limit, and would like to know if you have some recommendation to consume less.


Captura de tela 2022-05-17 105139.png

1 - When a Story issue is created, a standard text is included in the "Description" field. The problem is consuming "Executions" for all created issues, including subtasks. PS: Initially I was wondering to create a new custom field with a standard text (e.g. "Description xx"). However, I gave up this option because the project has some years and already has thousands of issues, so replace the current Description field to the new one would mass this fields once contains not only text but pictures, tables. 

Captura de tela 2022-05-17 104748.png


2 - Attribute to the "Start Date" field the date when one of 5 types of issues are transitioned to "in progress" or "dev doing" status. The problem is consuming "Executions" for all created issues, including subtasks.


 Captura de tela 2022-05-17 104200.png

Change the automation from Global to Single Project but you will need to create a copy for each project you have on Jira (and want to have this automation running in it). 

@Marcin Szymkowiak  This rule is really applied to both projects we have (two). What would be the benefit in doing 2 different automation? 

@Guaraci Nakamura 

Single Project automations doesn't count towards automation executions limits. Only multi-project and global do.

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