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Automate related tasks

Viktoryia K_ September 13, 2023

Hi all!
I'm setting up automation in a project for different issue types.
We have a basic type of task in which specialists solve applicants' questions. We want to set up automation for a different type of task, so that in this task we can receive approval from anyone without the participation of the performer.
I have set up the automation so that when the status changes to "approve" in the main/parent task, a related task with a different request type is created. The first status in it is "Approve", which sends a confirmation request to approvers.
What problems did I encounter:

1. In my rule, I indicated that when the status of the main task changes, a related task is created in which the fields I specified in the rule are edited (to which they are copied). If you look at the history, then yes, the fields are copied, like the “Approvers” field I need, but the confirmation email is not sent to this user. It is necessary to add the user manually, which interferes with our automation...

2. When another task is created according to the same rule, the fields I specified are not automatically copied into it, although the rule log says that it is being processed and the task has been edited.

1 and 2 screenshots for the first question, 3 and 4 screenshots for the second question.

I would be very grateful if you help. 1.1.png1.2.png1.3.png1.4.png



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