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Use Case: Allow multiple email addresses to be associated with a single Service Desk

Hi Everyone!

I have a JSD conundrum and I could use some "crowd sourcing" help. Buckle up, its a long one. TL;DR at the end.

  • My department has one Cloud instance that is shared by multiple groups. For the most part, these groups do not work on the same projects or programs. They are, in nearly all cases, completely separated. 
  • I use Groups, Roles, and Users in Permissions to set up security schemes for each team and assign those schemes to only the projects a particular team works on.
  • I also use Teams in Portfolio to identify who belongs in which team, and the Team field on the Issue views to identify the team that issue belongs to. That allows me to create filters and dashboards issues based on Team.
  • Currently, all requests for work come in from non-Jira tools (emails, hallway conversations, notes, meetings, etc.) and there are no standards for submitting and approving work.

With the exception of work requests, this setup works great; the teams are able to focus on their work only without hearing any "noise" through Jira from the other teams. 

Here's the conundrum. I've bolded the tricky part:

"As a Jiara Administrator I want a single Jira Service Desk project that will collect work requests from external and internal customers and automatically distribute them to the proper team.

1) This service desk needs to have a web portal where the customer can enter the type of request and select the team and/or product from a list. The service desk must automatically distribute these requests to the proper team's queue based on the Team and/or Product selected by the customer.

2) The service desk must also accept email requests coming from one of several email addresses (one per team) and distribute the requests to the proper team's queue based on the email address alone. These email requests will default to the type "Assistance Needed" and the service desk agents will change the request types as needed. 


I'm able to set up the service desk, groups, permissions, fields, etc. and (I think...I haven't tried it yet) create queues and limit access to the requests based on Team for the first part, then route the requests through the workflows for the issue type. 

But...while I can see where to assign a request type to an email and to add custom emails, I am not able to create more than one email address for a single service desk and have the emailed requests routed to the correct queue accordingly. 


I want more than one email address to submit service desk requests and then automatically route those requests into a team's queue based on the source email address.

The short answer is to be "No, you can't do that. JSD uses one (and only one) email address so you will have to set up a service desk for each team. 

So, here's my call for help: 

There are two open suggestions with Atlassian that are gathering votes:


If you are interested in seeing these suggestions developed further please visit the links above and add your votes.



Colin Helke
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
March 8, 2019

Hello Scott,


I agree that having the ability to connect multiple emails and mail handlers in a single project would be a great default feature. Have you looked into JEMH I use this along with the portal to take in requests. It is extremely configurable and suits every use case that has come up for me. 

Scott Theus
Rising Star
Rising Star
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March 8, 2019

Thanks @Colin Helke , I'll check it out.


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