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How can I make my users and customers see Confluence pages without a license?

In this article, you will find the easiest way to make your internal users and customers to access a specific Confluence space and do not use any Confluence license.


When a project is created and it's linked to a Confluence space, customers will see articles only in the customer portal, as the image below:

Screenshot 2018-06-12_11-04-08.png


It's also possible to allow your customers to see articles direct in Confluence without giving them a license, they will be able to see the pages of the space linked to the Service Management project.

To allow this, it's necessary to migrate their accounts to Atlassian account, they will see the same articles but it will look like this:

Screenshot 2018-06-12_11-52-48.png

How to migrate a customer account to Atlassian

In order to change the settings below, please go to Administration's page.

The first step is to remove all the "user defaults" on Product access. This configuration will ensure that your customers will not receive any license after the migration.

Screenshot 2019-08-28_17-20-50-890.png

Then you can go to Jira Service Management > Click on Screenshot 2019-08-28_17-21-48-149.png for the customer you need to migrate > Migrate to Atlassian account.

Screenshot 2019-11-22_18-25-44-202.png


If you want your internal users, those who access only Jira Software, for example, to see articles without a license, just add them as customers on the Service Management project. They won't need a license for Service Management or Confluence.



  • Only who is a customer or agent on a Service Management project will be able to see Confluence pages without a license.
  • The space available for them to see without a Confluence license is only the one linked to a Service Management project.


Hope this helps!

If you have any feedback or question, please let us know.


Mohamed Adel Community Leader Aug 18, 2018

Hi Angelica, 

greet article , I wonder if you could explain the difference between this approach and anonymous space login in confluence 



Muhammet Adel 

Hi Mohamed,

Anonymous access allows everyone to access a space, it means that people that are not part of your instance will be able to see the space.
The steps of the article above show a way to restrict it, so only users and customers that have access to our service desk project will be able to see the space.


Mohamed Adel Community Leader Aug 20, 2018

Thanks Angelica for your explanation. it is clear for me now 

Where is the option to migrate customers?

There are no ellipsis next to my customers' names, as indicated in the article.

Hi @Evan Wolf

Thank you for reaching out!

I added a new screenshot on the article showing where the option to migrate the customer is.


This article is tagged with 'jira-service-desk-cloud', although I believe these are instructions for migrating users on the on-prem/server JSD.

Here is a screenshot of my 'Customers' page on JSD Cloud.  Note that there are no options to migrate.



Thank you for the screenshot @Evan Wolf. This page is from the project and not the administration, that's why the option doesn't appear.

To migrate a customer, it's necessary to go to Screenshot 2019-11-25_17-56-26-430.png > Administration > Jira Service Desk.

Thank you, the last part of your last comment was exactly what I was looking for.  Please consider including the navigation to where the migration takes place, within this document.


You say "Go to Jira Service Desk" but it should say "Go to Jira Service Desk *within* The Administration Portion of the site"

Thank you for the feedback, Evan. I added the information that those changes must be done on the Administration's page.

Hi @Angélica Luz 

Thank you for this article. By extension, can we have customers viewing our knowledge base articles but not able to access the Jira Service Desk or raise support tickets?

My only thought would be to not have them be aware of the ticket desk in the first place, but that doesn't seem too professional.


Many thanks,


Hello @Tom Bowden,

Thank you for your question.

This is actually not possible, because for customers to see the articles and don't count as a licensed user, the space must be linked to a Service Desk project and it's necessary to add them to the project so they will have permission to see the articles.

Since it's not possible to disable the customer portal, a workaround would be to create a new project, link to a space, but remove the request types. With that said, if they access the customer portal, they will not be able to create tickets, since the request types will not be available.



We do not use Jira Service Desk.

We have set up a Knowledge base. How do I give customers access to that space only through a login?



I'm wondering how this works without having to pay for them as if you added them as agents to Atlassian? Or is the only way to make this work by paying for them as confluence/Jira users?

Hi @Katrina Owens,

Thank you for your question.

This article is specific for Service Management and Confluence, because it's possible to allow customers to view articles without a license, but for them to be customers, it's necessary to use Service Management. Also, they would be able to view only articles on the space linked to a Service Management project.


Like Jimmy Seddon likes this

Welcome to Community, @Brooke Ford

Agents must have a license in order to view and work on tickets internally. Without a license, they won't be able to add public comments, for example.

If an internal user doesn't have a license, they can be customers in a project. Anyone user on Jira and Confluence can be a customer in a Service Management project. If, for example, there is a licensed Jira Software user that wants to create and view Service Management tickets in the portal, you won't have to give them a license. 


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