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Pieter Helsen March 11, 2024

Before using Jira Product Discovery, I used to give our engineering lead a heads up whenever the priority/impact score of an item changed (using automations). He would in turn change the order of the Delivery epic in the Epic panel, so that he know, at a glance, what his team should be working on first. 

I've implemented a similar automation for Product Discovery, but I have some issues with it. 

Screenshot 2024-03-11 095345.png

Firstly, the rule does not seem to run, which seems to indicate Product Discovery does not announce changes to the Impact Score to the Automation service. 

Secondly, even if it did, I fear that, because of the way Impact Scores are calculated (in relation to other Ideas), this might get messy soon, since changing the score on one idea, might trigger a mass change of all impact scores. 

So, my question is, how can our engineering lead plan his sprints and be certain that he is working on the right priorities. 


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Bill Sheboy
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March 11, 2024

Hi @Pieter Helsen 

Have you considered triggering your rule on changes to the inputs of the Impact Score instead?

That may work for some fields, such as Goal Impact, but it does not appear to work for Insights.

Kind regards,

Pieter Helsen March 11, 2024

Hi @Bill Sheboy 

Thanks for the reply, definitely a good suggestion, though that would cause additional automation runs and, as you mentioned, also doesn't take into account changes caused by Insights, which are also included in my calculation. 

I'm starting to think it may just be better for our engineering lead to consult the roadmap in parallel to his sprint planning. 

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Hermance NDounga
Atlassian Team
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March 11, 2024

Hello Pieter, 

This issue might require some more attention from one of our support engineers, I think.

There are some fields that are not supported in automation, such as formulas, so my first question would be what's the type of your field "Impact score"?

My assumption since you said it's calculated, is that the one you want to use is a formula field, but the one you selected in this automation rule is a field with the same name, from a different project, not of formula type. Because formula fields are not even proposed to you in the automation interface, normally. 

That would also explain why the rule doesn't run. 

Now, you couldn't create a rule based on this formula field, so you can revert back to creating a rule based on the fields that are part of the calculation. so for example, if you have an "Reach" field and two other fields that compose your calculation, then you can create the rule based on those for the rule. 

If you need a support engineer to take a look, please open a support ticket by clicking on "Give Feedback" in JPD, at the bottom of the left navigation and select Support Engineers.

Pieter Helsen March 11, 2024

Hi Hermance,

Thanks for the reply. It is indeed the default weighted score field that's present in the default setup of Product Discovery.

I've checked my custom fields, but there aren't any custom fields called 'Impact score', so if Automation shouldn't suggest calculated fields, that's likely a bug. 

As you suggest, I've switched to monitoring changes to the Effort and Value fields, but if Bill Sheboy is correct, I can't monitor changes to Insights, so that's only a partial fix. 

Hermance NDounga
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
March 12, 2024

Yes, Bill is indeed correct, Insights is also one of the field type that isn't supported yet in automation, unfortunately. We will be exploring ways on how to integrate Jira Product Discovery fields types in Automation, but it is not on our immediate roadmap. 

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