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How can I show sprint end date related with the delivery ticket of an idea?

Onur Asci January 2, 2023

When I attach an idea a delivery ticket, I want to show the assigned sprint end date in the delivery view. Any idea how can I do it other than selecting project target manually for each item?

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Chris Timms
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January 2, 2023

Hi @Onur Asci ,

You would need to set up an automation that detects:

  • When the sprint end date is updated in Jira Software
  • If that ticket has an attached JPD issue
  • copy the value from Sprint end to a custom field in JPD

JPD isn't (right now) really supposed to be tracking that level of delivery so you may find over time that it gets clunkier and clunkier trying to keep dates in sync.

I'd probably suggest you take another look at what you are trying to achieve with JPD. What if, for example, you have many epics to deliver one Idea? Which sprint end date should be used? It's possible to figure out if you are confident in your Jira Automation skills, but it's certainly very complex to get the logic right.

It would, probably, be far simpler to track the sprints an Idea would be included in, rather than the dates for delivery. You can then look at actual delivery in Jira Software as you presumably do today.


- C

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Onur Asci January 2, 2023

@Chris Timms thanks a lot for the suggestion. I understand JPD isn't a day-to-day ticket tracking environment but still most of the "ideas" we're dealing with will be business-side tracked, 1-1 delivery ticket relatable items. For that reason I feel the need to increase visibility directly on the delivery view of JPD. Showing accurate date would be overkill as you mention but showing sprint info is also enough for me (as sprint timelines are communicated as common info internally) While asking, would you also suggest using an automation bringing sprint info to JPD views?

Rafael Souza January 2, 2023

I imagine that you have a sprint calendar with fixed start and end dates for each sprint. If that's the case, you could try a few different approaches.

#1 - Create start and end date fields for your ideas, so you can use the Timeline view and set them appropriately according to the sprint schedule, manually.

#2 - Create a Select field called sprint and add to it the list of coming sprints manually like "Sprint 1", "Sprint 2", etc. Or including the end date like this "Sprint 1 (jan/14)". This way you can have a Kanban board based on that field which will give you also a timeline perspective of each delivery. This is all manual, but very easy for business teams and executives to understand. 

#3 - Once you idea is in progress (according to your workflow), automatically set the due date (sprint end date) based on the start date using a calculated field (start date + 15 days). That can be used along with approach #1.
Like this: 

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