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Cloning and linking of tickets through automations

Mirko Grahnert February 16, 2024

Hey everyone,

I hope you're all doing well! I could use some guidance in setting up an automation that is triggered by a ticket in JPD transitioning to a specific status and then clones the idea as an initiative (issue type) in another project. The first part is pretty straightforward, but here's where it gets a bit tricky:

The idea that triggers the automation is linked to multiple 'Delivery' Epics, and what I'm aiming for is to set the new cloned issues as the 'parent' for all of these delivery tickets.

To provide a bit of context: we use JPD for high-level tracking and reporting of our initiatives. However, our teams want to further plan the delivery of each initiative in Jira Plans. Unfortunately, the 'idea' issue type isn't currently supported in Jira Plans. So, we've come up with a workaround: cloning the idea and then using the 'clone' to create a delivery plan in Jira Plans.

Any insights or advice on how to navigate this would be greatly appreciated! 


I'm also curious to hear how other teams have tackled the challenge of planning the delivery of ideas in JPD within Jira Plans.

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Sam Hepworth February 16, 2024

Hi @Mirko Grahnert . We create epics quite the same way you create initiatives. We have automation that updates the epic summary if we change the idea summary.

I think it is not that difficult to achieve what you want. In the automation that creates the initiative (the new issue) you can update the parent of deliveries after that.


I have not tested the above example, but it should get you started.

You can also make it so that new deliveries that are added to your idea automatically gets the initiative as their parent. It is more complicated to do, because you need a way know the issue key of the initiative that you created for your idea.

This can be done in serveral ways, a nice solution is to link the two issues. You could create a special link type for that - you could call it initiative :)

You create the link between the idea and initiative when you create the initiative.

Then you trigger automation on issue linked.

In this automation you set the parent of the linked issue to your initiative.


Bill Sheboy
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February 16, 2024

Hi @Mirko Grahnert 

Yes, Sam's suggestion:

The key for your scenario and changing / setting the parent of those issues is rule scope.  You describe the implementation issues in another project (outside of JPD), and so the rule will need to be at the global level and have a scope of "global" or "multiple projects" to modify their parent field.  Your Jira admin will need to help create the rule at those scopes.

Kind regards,

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Mirko Grahnert February 19, 2024

Thanks @Sam Hepworth - this is exactly what I was looking for (I was missing the {{createdissue.key}} smart value). 


Just FYI: I had the change the branching rule to `Type: is implemented by` for the automation to work as expected. 

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Mirko Grahnert February 19, 2024

@Sam Hepworthcreating a link between the idea and initiative when creating the initiative is a great idea. Let's assume the idea and initiative have been linked as part of the automation, and a new Delivery Ticket gets added to the idea. How would you go about setting the parent of the delivery ticket to the initiative?


The automation itself seems straightforward (see attached), but what smart value would I use in the Edit Issue action? 

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 10.42.26.png

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Julie Spokus February 16, 2024

I have an idea in JIRA Product Discovery. Using automation, I have an initiative issue type cloned in a project in JIRA Cloud. I have the following fields being copied from the Current Issue (the JPD idea): Summary, Description, and Teams. The JIRA Project Initiative is cloned when a custom field is checked. 



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agileautonomy February 16, 2024


Could you elaborate on this part: "..the idea that triggers the automation is linked to multiple 'Delivery' Epics"?

I suppose you are introducing this new Initiative-Ideaas colning way of working to your workflow. Is this the case? If yes then I would separate the problem into future and existing Ideas.

Future Ideas

The Future ones I think you can handle already. Create Initiative under Idea as the main delivery ticket upon whatever trigger.

Existing Ideas

Restructuring the existing ones is a bit more complicated though. Still, I think doable but I would need more info to help you with it.

Have a nice day!☀️


Akos from AAC

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