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Automation - remove value from roadmap field when done

Tomas Greif March 28, 2024

I am trying to setup an automation rule that would remove value from the roadmap field (set it to empty) in case when issue (idea) is moved to done. With some googling, I understood that this might be possible.

I have a rule "When: Issue transitioned to Done" then "Edit Issue fields". I have kept the "Choose field to set" empty and under additional fields I put:

"update" : {
"customfield_10130" : [{"set": []}]

I found the field ID here: https://[baseurl]/rest/api/latest/field

I also verified that the custom field belongs to our JPD project (we have only one created) under https://[baseurl]/rest/api/3/project/[projectkey]

When the rule triggers, I get the following log:

Unknown fields set during edit, they may be unavailable for the project/type. Check 
your custom field configuration. Fields ignored - Roadmap (customfield_10130)

Any ideas on what I might try to make it work?


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3 votes
Adam Sadowski March 28, 2024

@Tomas Greif I did this yesterday actually, but for when we "archive" an idea. Here's a screenshot to do it with the out of the box automation. You just leave the "roadmap" field value blank.

CleanShot 2024-03-28 at 16.06.41@2x.png


Tomas Greif April 1, 2024

Thanks @Adam Sadowski . I get the same error as before. I have even tried to create my own custom field and then apply the rule. I still get the following:

Screenshot from 2024-04-02 08-34-50.png

Do you have any elevated access rights in you JIRA instance? I am admin in the JPD project, for other JIRA related stuff I am just a regular user. I can't think of much else what could be causing this.

0 votes
Adrian_Lester April 2, 2024

I do something similar, but different (so this may not be of interest to you but I thought I'd mention it).

Instead of removing the value from the roadmap field, I've defined a value Shipped that I use.   (This is so that I can distinguish between ideas that have shipped and those that haven't yet made it onto the roadmap).

Screenshot 2024-04-02 180159.png


0 votes
Michal Vit March 28, 2024

Have you checked if that's the right field for the project where you are running the automation?

JPD has fields per project - in my instance we already have 10 Roadmap fields ...

Tomas Greif March 28, 2024

Thanks @Michal Vit . I checked the project id under https://[baseurl]/rest/api/3/project/[projectkey of our JPD] and it is matching. Fortunately we have only one roadmap field so far :)

Michal Vit March 28, 2024

@Tomas Greif what type is your field?

Tomas Greif March 28, 2024

The field is dropdown.

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