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Announcement: Sunsetting the Jira Cloud for Mac App


@Liron your response just goes to show how little you understand of how people want to use the mac native app. It also shows that you have no respect for the iPad as an independent platform since all the argument you used were only related to phones and small factor. No one want 1 for 1 functionality of the web app in the native one. We just want something blazing fast to browse tickets, update and communicate info about them, track our time and that's it. That covers 90+% of most people's usage of Jira period. Anything that is not in the app can easily be done by accessing the slower web interface and that's all right for everyone. We just want a bigger iPhone/iPad app, we don't want a complete software...

I just don't see how this, coming from a giant company like Atlassian, the same people who built Source Tree years ago because there was no good native alternative, would consider dumping a perfectly good, fully coded and working native app at the time that they are starting to "gather interest" in the possibility of making a multi platform mess with some sort of multi-platform framework (of which, currently on desktop anyway, there aren't many good. Flutter is way too far from stable on all desktop platforms to be considered and that's the only solid one other than like old school Java...). Just add subtasks in the mac app and other logical features for browsing and updating tickets on the day to day and if you so much want to build a new product, why don't you go build a .NET version for windows, that has actual "interest"...

Now all you'll get is more people trying really hard to make their team move away from Jira, which will be me since this is too obtuse for me to let this go or have any trust in any product you will put out in the future. I burned that bridge with Google, now I guess it's time to burn it with Atlassian, thanks...

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This news makes me sad. I agree that the Mac app is so much more pleasant to work with than the web site. I also think you have done a terrible job marketing the Mac app. If you are using the web site using a Mac, why not show a prompt for the Mac app? That is if the company as a whole really wanted it to succeed.

I am at a company were a lot of users would probably had appreciated it, but I think nobody knew about it. I myself just learned about it a few days ago, only to discover that it is being abandoned. 

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This is extremely sad. Can you at least make it open source, so community can take it from this point? 

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@Svetlin Arabadzhiev would highly welcome such a decision but since they are probably using their private APIs (at least they do so in their iOS applications), this probably won't happen.

However, since its launch in 2019, the performance of Jira’s web and native mobile apps has improved and gone beyond what is possible with the Jira Cloud for Mac app.

This sounds like a lie to me. Performance on the mobile app is not possible on the Mac app?? 

Really sad news.

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Like many of the comments here, I'm disappointed with this decision. The web app in my experience is unbearably slow at times and and far more cumbersome than the native mac app. The mac app has made using Jira bearable for me and I will continue to use it as long as possible. 

Fortunately Notion has a great native app as well as much faster & easier web experience and I can move at least my personal and team projects to that tool going forward. 

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Can't understand the decision here. I bury my face in my palms.

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Definitely a step back. It had so much potential. 

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OH NO! I love the Mac app. The web version is to massive and complicated! :-(

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This doesn't make sense. It's never been easier to get a mobile app to run on macOS, and the macOS Jira app is hugely helpful, way more than its web counterpart. Very disappointing news.

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The web version is slow and ugly. Its doesn't even work well on Safari (or Chrome FWIW) on a M1 Max (no, it's no better in the MacBook Pro 16" i9 from 2019, either), so how is it that "Our sole focus is ensuring you have the best possible experience with Jira so for that reason we are sunsetting the Jira Cloud for Mac app and focusing all energy on building outstanding performance across the most powerful versions of Jira Cloud."

I wonder how have you got to the conclusion this is best for anyone.

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Probably a decision that was driven by numbers and not vision, very typical by some people. We had a glance of the future with the Mac App with a combination of performance, functionality, and look & feel (yes, users also love good design and look & feel) and now that is trowed away.

In my opinion, Apple and Steve Jobs were right in thinking that the native experience is better, it's true that web applications improved a lot in the last few years, but... the reality is that the native experience is still ahead in many areas.

On the Jira App, I use it every day for all the reasons already mentioned here, and fall back to the web version only in some situations where the app still needs improvements, but that is maybe only 10% of my workflow.

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Jira app was missing some elements, sure, but it is my daily tool and I can do work faster than on the web version, which is somehow slower. 

This is less than great. 

This decision has really come out of the blue. As a relative newbie to the platform, it was a decision I made for the team t0 go with this. We are all Mac/iPad/iPhone users and we all use the Apple eco-system to maintain a single data point of reference for all development and Product Management processes. We purposely went for this as the web version sucks, even with high Internet bandwidth that we have available. Binning the Mac app simply does not make sense.

This will have a very negative consequence for those to whom I recommended it in the first place. It doesn't exactly do much for my reputation either. 

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This is a bummer. The web experience for Jira is a mess. is one of the only ways I've been able to deal with all of the feature bloat and performance problems that seem to plague Jira Web.

Can I request one feature on the web... the "Create +" buttons at the bottom of the lists on the active board.  Our workflow means that we have to add some tasks on-the-fly.  the "Create" button at the top of the web page requires too many steps, compared to the "Create +", type the issue, and done.

Also, I agree with the other comments on here.  The web interface is way more clunky than the app.  If you're going to save development resources here, then put them towards the user experience there.  There's no reason in todays world that a web app has to be that clunky.

Apple says that the only thing required to make an app "Mac compatible" if you're already developing an iOS or iPadOS app is a "single check in Xcode."  So, why aren't you checking that box in Xcode?  


Please tell me you at least aren't going to block being able to use the app on m1 Macs where you can access the iPad/iPhone store?  

That's sad indeed. I recently started using the app and I was so surprised at HOW MUCH BETTER the app is compared to the web app. Please don't say that the web version is faster, because if it took 10s to open a ticket and now it takes 5s, that's not fast, its still slow.

The web app is so clunky most of the time that I really only use it to manage settings, users, permissions etc and thats only because I can't do that on the Mac app (not that I know, at least). The daily work of updating tickets, making comments, delegating work is made so much more stressful if I have to do it through the web app, really.

The web app is heavy and slow and it alone is enough to make my browser break a sweat. Seriously.

So, really, I don't think that was a good move at all, and unless you can deliver a blazing fast web in the near future, I can see myself moving away from Jira very easily.

Your web app makes even Notion seem like a better option to manage work, really >.>, and Notion is an all-rounder while yours should be focused on this.

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Seriously it's ONE CHECK BOX.  It takes too much time to click it?  


Straight from Apple:  

To add support for Mac, open your Xcode project and select the iOS target that you want to configure. In the General tab, under Deployment Info, select the Mac checkbox

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@Eric Murphy it is more than just a check box thats a general statement from Apple to get it working as just an iPad app but there is a lot more custom code in the Jira Mac app for sure.


I don't think the problem is the code side, it's someone higher up making this stupid decision.

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@Rob Sammons Apple specifically said in a few other posts that it's a "Simple checkbox" with no code changes.  I've also used an m1 Mac and the apps simply open on it just like they do on the iPad, unless a developer specifically blocks the app.

@Eric Murphy their Mac app isn't just their iPad app, it's a catalyst app with custom Mac catalyst code. You can tell as the menu structure is entirely different to the iPad app.

You're confusing an iPad app on an M1 Mac with an iPad App using Mac Catalyst technologies which also allows it to run on intel. 

You can technically just press the check box but you're underselling what the Jira Mac app is by saying that's all they've done 🙂 

@Rob Sammons  Totally true, the Mac app isn't the same as the iPad app.  I'm just asking them why they aren't at least combining the iPad app into the Mac app instead of just saying "Nope not releasing a Mac app anymore".  

@Eric Murphy Fingers crossed they at least leave that option for M1 users. You can't currently offer that option if you have a Mac app attached to the iOS app which they do right now.

@Rob Sammons at least that would make sense.  An announcement about combining the apps into one app instead of two distinct apps would have us Mac users a lot less upset 

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