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Actions button feature

sekhar reddy
Rising Star
Rising Star
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October 13, 2023

Atlassian is making Jira administrators work life miserable now a days by making changes in the automation features.

In this year Atlassian made changes in the Issue view screen to show automation rules in by adding a new feature called Actions. When end users see this feature, they want to try using automation rules and it’s good that if they can make some progress on their work using automation, but this feature some disadvantages.

Self-status transitions will show under the Actions tab even though no manual automation rules are configured, if we add any self-transitions at workflow Jira admin must educate users where they can see self-transition. This is extra work for the admins apart from their regular work.

Users/Project Admins want to try using automation rules which lead to creating more automation rules in the project, on the other side Atlassian introduced new packaging model for Jira Cloud Automation. Which means, the more you are using you must upgrade your subscription simply to use the automation features.

When this feature was introduced a suggestion request is raised to Atlassian and it has 357 votes within 7 months and so many comments from the users :

Recently they closed this ticket by stating that duplicate of another request which is nowhere related to original request :

When I raised a support request about this to Atlassian I got below response from them.

So, I've forwarded your argumentation to the team, and this is all we can do. The team takes into consideration many factors when deciding on which features to implement, and you can read more about the process in this article. Please make sure to watch both issues, and if there's any message from the team about these issues, they will share it as a comment in the issues.”

It means simply they don’t want to disable this feature and their aim is to promote the automations. Automations are used when there is no feature available by default in Jira.

Now cloud administrators are suffering because of new packaging models to optimize automation usage or they must stop using the automations and user have to put manual efforts update their work. Else they must go for the next subscription model which is double their budget simply to use the automations.

By seeing all this changes by Atlassian I want to say one quote.

Greed drove the farmer and his wife to kill the duck and collect all the golden eggs. The farmer and his wife forgot that the duck only lays one egg. It was greed that masked their common sense. The Golden Egg Duck Story Moral is that greed destroys a man’s fortune.

This is just my opinion, please share your thoughts if something is offensive.

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Curt Holley
Community Leader
Community Leader
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October 16, 2023

Automation for Jira has been a Golden egg generating duck for Atlassian, for sure. But in this case they are not killing the duck, but rather changing how they package the eggs and applying a direct pricing to any customers exceeding the packaged thresholds.

As for the Actions button, it makes sense to bundle both workflow and Automation user based "Actions" there. I see it as a sensible way forward.

I certainly can see that the new Automation pricing will cause some customers pain, but I do like that only executed (actioned) rules count towards the threshold, so will wait and see how it all unfolds before casting judgement.

@sekhar reddy I'm not sure greed has masked Atlassian's common sense, but they have shown their capitalistic hand somewhat. Also not sure I'd agree with the miserable life accusations either, what you describe is life as an admin of any large scale (multi tiered) SAAS. Change will be the constant and consequently, so will relearning and education.

Not offended, just beg to differ in my opinion of what you have described. ☮️

sekhar reddy
Rising Star
Rising Star
Rising Stars are recognized for providing high-quality answers to other users. Rising Stars receive a certificate of achievement and are on the path to becoming Community Leaders.
October 16, 2023

Hi Curt,

Thank you for your opinion on this, I have mentioned miserable based on my opinion since we are using self transitions at workflow widely and every time user is not seeing that transitions because of Actions button and contacting the Jira admin that they are not able to see the transitions. 

Changes has to speed the process of work for the end users and not confuse and how to use it, for some customer this feature might be very helpful but for some customer they want to control it. In our case we use automations in the background and we don't want end users to see this functionality, in this case Atlassian have to provide the disable option as well.

And for automations limits most of the standard JSM customers are affected because so many features are missing to manage ITSM in Jira and can be covered only by automations.

I valued your opinion on this and I just want to express the situations how it is affected in my environment. 

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