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Sprint view issue

Tarun Saxena May 28, 2023

Hi Community,


I have seen my 1st project sprint into my 2nd project backlog.

How to resolve the issue. screenshot mentioned below.


Screenshot 2023-05-29 113405.png



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Jason Waller May 28, 2023

The filter for the board needs to be configured to just show the issues from second project 

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Jason Waller May 28, 2023

Filter query will need to be something like project = APN AND issue type = All 

although you may also want to limit which issue types are displayed also

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Tarun Saxena May 28, 2023

Ok, thanks jason!!! 

Will try.

Amit Bansal May 28, 2023

Pls. check if any sprint candidate is not accidentally mapped to non-required sprint and in different project.

Rohit May 29, 2023

This usually happens in two occasions:

1. When the Board Filter is not correctly configured. In that case, you can check in Board Settings -> General -> Filter Query

2. Other scenario is that, if the first Project Jira Issues are tracked with the Sprint belonging to Second Project or vice versa.

Validate the same.

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Majken Longlade May 29, 2023

Yes, to give a more specific example, if an issue was in Project ABC and included in Sprint ABC, and then it's decided to move the issue to Project DEF, the issue will remain in Sprint ABC unless it's explicitly removed. 

People generally assume moving the issue will move it out of the sprint as well.

Karin van Driel May 30, 2023


A couple of other things to look out for, aside from the board filter, as others have mentioned:

  • Check all statuses are mapped to columns in the board; if the issue has an unmapped status, it will not display
    • Go to Board Settings > Columns
      Board - Columns.png
    • On the right hand side of the screen, check if you have unmapped columns
      Unmapped statuses.png
  • Check you haven't accidentally applied a quick filter or an Epic filter that excludes the issues you are looking for
    • In the Backlog view, check if any filters applied and click 'Clear filters' if there are any
      Clear filters.png

Hope that helps, let us know if your issue was resolved :)  

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