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How to hide the workflow transition on the status dropdown?

Maeneth December 9, 2022

Hi Admin,

I'm having a site administration  access and I want theStatus only will be shown on the dropdown undeer STATUS field. Currently, Both the Transition and Status and displayed in the dropdowd.

Looking aome help in resolving this.





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Chris Rogers December 9, 2022

Hi @Maeneth

If I'm understanding your question correctly, you want to be able to only have the status names show up in the drop-down, not the transition name -> status name.

If your workflow has a linear progression (i.e. Open -> In Progress -> Closed), you'll see the transition names.

If your workflow is more of an Agile workflow (Any status can go to any other status, at any time) then the transition names are hidden.

There is currently an enhancement request for this functionality under JRACLOUD-77523 - Ability to hide workflow transition names on issue view dropdown for linear workflows and if this is something that would be valuable to you, I'd recommend commenting on it and voting. 

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Maeneth December 10, 2022

Hi @Chris Rogers 

Thanks for taking your time to respond my query. 

We realy need thi feature as it creates confussion for the agent.

Do you any idea when it can be available?


Chris Rogers December 12, 2022

Hi @Maeneth

There is no timeline for the feature request or even if Atlassian will decide to implement it.  Your best bet is to upvote/comment on the feature request.  Atlassian tries to focus on the enhancements that are the most highly voted.

Other options are noted by Syed or Nic below, or perhaps an add-on on the marketplace would assist with this.

Syed Muhammad Umair Mansoor December 10, 2022


to resolve this issue there is heck, what you can do is make a recursive transition to every status which do the transition on it own status, so as to make more than one transition to the single status will probably hide the transition and will show only status.

Nic Thiele December 11, 2022

Another option is to simply name the transitions to match the statuses. Also, by reducing the number of allowed transitions (e.g. not using "Allow all statuses to transition to this one") you can reduce the items in the list of transitions.

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mruttan March 7, 2023

Agreed.  Use the transitions to help your users.

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