Has anyone used Jira align? Please give me a review.

Nguyen Ngoc Tram _FHM_INS_ December 14, 2021

Has anyone used Jira align? Please give me a review.
My organization has 1000 employees and I'm doing research to try it out.

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Vinay Sharma December 14, 2021

Jira Align is one of the best tools for implementing agile at scale. Most of the organizations have been using Jira Software, which is good at team level. However, it's inadequate for implementing SAFe.

Jira Align has placeholder and tracking mechanism at Program, Solution, Portfolio and Enterprise Levels. It has 100+ reports. There is a seamless integration between Jira Software and Jira Align.

There are many organizations using Jira Align and each day new organizations are getting add to this list.

Nguyen Ngoc Tram _FHM_INS_ December 14, 2021

Thanks for your review. I wonder that my company has 1000 employees and about 10 managers. I see the price for ~1000 users to be over $400k annually. It seems quite expensive.

Vinay Sharma December 15, 2021

@Nguyen Ngoc Tram _FHM_INS_ To my knowledge, the most of the organizations use combination of Jira Software and Jira Align, which makes it economical and provides the value for money, limiting Agile Team Members to use Jira Software only and the other stakeholders e.g., Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Product Managers, RTEs, Program Managers etc. use Jira Align as well. Hope it helps!

Nguyen Ngoc Tram _FHM_INS_ December 15, 2021

Thank @Vinay Sharma . I will check more information about price.

Thanks for your help!

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Lauren Smith March 13, 2023

@Nguyen Ngoc Tram _FHM_INS_ 
Did you end up trying Jira Align?  Can you describe your experience?

I've found this review very interesting:  


Clint Compton July 10, 2023

Jira Align can do a lot of things. Unfortunately, they took their already clunky and non-intuitive UI that they inherited from AgileCraft and made it even clunkier and less intuitive with their "New Navigation" preview that will be forced upon us in the coming weeks. There is virtually no persistence with the new UI and everything (at least to start an action) is based on searching for the team, the portfolio, the program, etc.  If you switch from one screen to another, BOOM! the context you just had is gone and you must go back to the top and reset the context in which you are working.  Once you have a context selected, there is a more user friendly side menu that helps, but still it's not great.  The UI also pops over windows so you can't see where you're working from.  They should use side windows that preserve the working UI, but like everything else, the UI/UX is major afterthought.  Good luck.


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