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When FishEye OnDemand supports Mercurial/Git, will there be a migration path from SVN?

We recently started using Atlassian products (JIRA / Fisheye / Crucible / SVN) and the move over in our development process was fairly simple with the exception of SVN as we prefer Git / Mercurial repositories. When FishEye OnDemand starts supporting Mercurial or Git, we'd like to look at moving back to one of these systems. Is there currently a migration path planned, or will it be equivalent to setting up a new repository?

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Please read the following important announcement:

End of Service Announcement for Subversion and FishEye/Crucible in OnDemand

Please direct your questions to this question:

Subversion, FishEye/Crucible (the Source + Review Bundle) on OnDemand End of Service

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JohnA Rising Star Jan 11, 2012

Hi Kurtis,

There isn't an official date set when FishEye OnDemand will support Mercurial and Git, however the latest downloadable version of FishEye now supports Git and Mercurial so once our developers have overcome the challenges of bundling the latest version then native Git and Mercurial support will be available on the OnDemand platform.

The reason it isn't already available is because the OnDemand platform relies on substantial customisations in order to allow the "a la carte" offering where different customers can have wildly different configurations based on their needs. However, as I'm sure you can appreciate, the number one priority is to provide a stable and secure platform so the latest version of FishEye, (with native Git and Mercurial support), will be available on the OnDemand platform as soon as we're able to provide it to our customers in a stable and secure manner...and, most importantly, in a manner that won't negatively impact our current FishEye OnDemand customers.

We are aware that many of our customers require Mercurial/Git before even considering migration to the OnDemand platform, but it's more important for Atlassian to get it right, even if that means some delays, rather than to rush it and get it wrong, (which could cause all manner of issues for our customers and severely disappoint those customers who have been eagerly waiting that functionality).

Therefore, I hope you understand the reasons why it isn't yet available and you are reassured that we are working on providing this functionality with the highest priority, even though I can't currently tell you when it will be available.

All the best,


John, just to be clear, you're talking about native Git and Mercurial support in FishEye OnDemand, right? When can we expect to see Git support for private Bitbucket/Github repos? We're already using Bitbucket and probably wouldn't have a good reason to switch to this upcoming native Git support.

Thanks for the information John. From all I've seen and some of the other questions I figured that Mercurial / Git support was coming at some point and was more interested in the migration path. We'd rather not lose the history we've got now in the SVN system, and were hoping that when Mercurial support was added that we'd be able to transition to Mercurial again without losing the history we've got in SVN. Do you know if there is a plan for this (even if the plan is that we'd keep both up and only use the SVN repository to view history)?

JohnA Rising Star Jan 16, 2012

@Joel: I can confirm that I am referring to the same native support for Git and Mercurial that we have in the downloadable versions of our products. However, as I have already mentioned, there are a number of challenges involved in porting applications over to the OnDemand platform so until it is released I can't make any promises about the exact functionality that will be available.

@Jan: I'm sorry to say that I don't know exactly what is planned by our developers, however I'm sure they will endevaour to provide some functionality to make migration as painless as possible for our customers if they can.

I'd like to ping this issue and show that somebody is still waiting for this :-)

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The last thing I've got from Atlassian was that Fisheye/Crucible for OnDemand will be SVN only. Bitbucket will provide Git/Mercurial and connect with JIRA/Bamboo for OnDemand. This is still the case right?

Yes that information is up to date.

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Hi folks,

The most up-to-date information about this will be provided on these two tickets:

I would advise you to watch and comment on those tickets.

Best Regards,
Felipe Cuozzo
OnDemand Developer

Hi Felipe,

I have seen these tickets - they have been ongoing for some time.

What I am looking for is fairly straightforward. I want to host my Git repositories in BitBucket. I want to use FishEye/Crucible for code review in an OnDemand environment.

I get the impression this is planned. There must be some timeframe, even a ball park figure. This Year? Q1 next year? Any indication at all?



Hi Kieran,

Sorry for the lack of news here, I'm afraid that I can't comment on the specifics at this time.

Please keep an eye on our twitter channel at for updates.

Something is coming out pretty soon...


Any update on this ?

Mercurial is critical to our using On Demand. We are NOT switching back to SVN. IMO, supporting Mercurial (or atleast GIT, which is compatible) should be a top priority concidering how many developers use thes applications and that JIRA, FishEye/Crucible, etc already support Mercurial now (standalone version).

We're looking at Jira at the moment, and the lack of FishEye OnDemand for Mercurial is a real pain. It's making it very hard to recommend this solution over Fogbugz/Kiln. We really don't want to have to continue using Subversion. A target date for Mercurial (or even Git) support would be hugely helpful in coming up with a recommendation

We are also using Jira/greenhopper ondemand and want to add Fisheye. Does it only support SVN currently?

I'm also interested in this. We're going to use Jira + GreenHopper + Confluence OnDemand...and would really like to add FishEye...but only if it integrates with a Mercurial repository hosted on BitBicket or on some other external place.

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