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Use Code in Jira to connect Git tools + Use Deployments in Jira to connect your CI/CD tools!

Deliver better and faster value to your customers with by integrating your favorite tools with Jira Software Cloud. Watch this Demo Den series to learn how your team can use Code in Jira and Deployments in Jira to visualize and measure across your entire workflow and all of your tools.

Demo Den is our regular series to showcase the latest product features and answer your questions. Join us starting December 3, 2020 to ask your questions HERE about all things Jira. @whammy will continue to answer questions this month, so don’t be shy!



Really nice and I am very excited about the deployments view.

Will there be any support for pulling deployment info from Github Actions at all?

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whammy Atlassian Team Dec 03, 2020

Hi @NasAmin we're glad you like the look of the Deployments view! With regard to support for GitHub Actions we don't support that just yet but we are talking to GitHub currently to look to expand support for their integrations. Keep a look out for an update and please let me know if you have any other feedback!

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Thanks @whammy .
I think you guys have played a blinder here. I can't wait to have some hands on experience around the Deployments stuff especially the premier features.

We can already see GitHub integration in the "Code" view but I believe a lot more can be done there.

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@whammy  - This looks like great information that will be really useful. Is this functionality only planned for the cloud SaaS products or will it also be included in on-premise deployments of Jira as well? 

Hi @whammy , great stuff! How do Releases play into Deployments? As an option, it would be great to visually group issues by a release. Since multiple issues can be tied to a single release, it'd be very helpful to see that represented in the view somehow.

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whammy Atlassian Team Dec 06, 2020

Hi @Jonathan Dorsey thanks for the feedback! Currently this is only planned for Jira Software cloud. I will pass your feedback onto the Server and Data Centre teams here for them to review. 

whammy Atlassian Team Dec 06, 2020

Hi @Jason Ashby thanks for the feedback! Great question with regard to Releases. We're exploring the best way to incorporate Releases with Deployments, some of our ideas have been around filtering. I would love to chat to you more about how your team works and how we could best incorporate Releases to help you, would you be interested in discussing this further with me and the team?

@whammy sure I'd be happy to discuss further. Can you send me a DM/email?

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Hi @whammy and Team Atlassian,

first off: great set of features! This is a game-changer, especially in a distributed microservice environment.

I've been following these features for a while now, and my question is: do you plan to open the build- and deployment-info APIs to non-Atlassian-Connect apps? My current knowledge is that in order to use these features, we would have to write and host our own registered Atlassian Connect app. Sadly, this would render the features unusable for us...

We are running our CI/CD pipelines using AWS CodePipeline and AWS Codebuild as well as GitHub as our VCS. Our preferred approach would be to include "some commands" in our build scripts - be it a standalone cli binary or a rest call via http. From what I read in the documentation there might be a chance to create OAuth credentials including the build and deploy info scopes in Jira cloud and use these to authenticate against the resp. APIs, but I would like to confirm with you that this actually works / is supported.

To recap:

question 1: is it required to develop / run / maintain an Atlassian Connect app to use the deploy / build info API endpoints?

question 2: is there another straight-forward way to supply the information to Jira Cloud, which can be easily integrated in a bash-like build environment?

Also, I'll gladly take any pointers in different directions in case I'm missing something here...

Thanks a lot for your support and cheers,


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Both these features look useful, but it looks like Code in JIRA only works with Bitbucket Cloud, not Data Centre which we run. Deployments in JIRA looks like it needs an integration with Drone.IO which we use for our builds - which isn't currently in place.

So quite disappointing on both features.

Simon Logan.

Hi @whammy,

I am from StiltSoft, Atlassian Platinum Top Vendor.

Earlier this year, we were considering developing a new app for Jira Cloud with similar features as the ones you added for Jira Software Premium (deployment frequency and cycle analytics), but realized that there is no REST API to get such information from Jira Cloud. I had a chat with Taylor Pechacek from the Atlassian team and he said this functionality could be shipped in 2020, but it seems it has not been implemented yet.

I am talking about these APIs:

I am aware that the app can put such information and can then read it. We do this in such a manner in TeamCity Integration for Jira Cloud. However, we would like to get statistics for builds and deployments across all build providers, i.e. all external apps which are able to put this information to Jira Cloud using available APIs.

I wonder if you have plans to create an external API that will provide a way to query across all the DevOps information flowing through Jira (Git + CI/CD + Feature Flags)? If so, are there any estimates as to when these APIs could be shipped?

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Im using github and failed to see this support in the deplyment why?

whammy Atlassian Team Jan 04, 2021

Hi @Julius Blank thanks for your feedback! 

In answer to you questions, please see below:

question 1: is it required to develop / run / maintain an Atlassian Connect app to use the deploy / build info API endpoints?

No, as you correctly pointed out access to the APIs can be granted using OAuth credentials. Generally we like to partner with vendors, such as AWS, to develop connect apps that you can install on your site which grants you access to these features as opposed to building these connect apps yourself. Currently though, we don't have these AWS apps available in our marketplace, however we do have the GitHub Cloud app available:

question 2: is there another straight-forward way to supply the information to Jira Cloud, which can be easily integrated in a bash-like build environment?

Currently the only way to supply this information to Jira Cloud to leverage the new experiences is via the dev info, build and deployment APIs.

I'm keen to explore this with you further though, to see how we can help. I can bring someone from our engineering team if you would be interested in a chat?

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@whammy We are so excited to be leveraging the new Deployments view in Jira! We ran into one issue when running manual deployments (sans changelog). Is there a plan to integrate a parameter into jiraSendDeployment which would allow us to include the issue key there? Our current workflow is that dev / qa are deployed from the same branch, and dev shows up in the deplyoment view, but QA does not because it does not capture the changes based on the previous deployment. We are also looking into manually writing a changelog.xml file for the build, but wanted to ask if that was the right approach. 


We are using Jenkins (scripted pipelines)

Can't wait to try out the new features!

 what is the status of integration with github?

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@whammy This is really exciting! I saw that you released Deployments with Github last month...Do you happen to have a video / tutorial for setting that up with Github? 

I have followed the steps and instructions and explained in detail what I have done in the Atlassian Community here: Deployment Dashboard for Classic Software Not Displaying after Enabled and Configured 

I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong and also can't seem to find any helpful tutorials on this. This is the closest I have come thus far. Please help!

@Ashley Vernon I don't think deployments are support for GitHub actions yet. Have you seen any announcement about GitHub?


Ah I see you are using CircleCI for deployments not GitHub Actions.

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@whammy just saw an announcement for Open Devops but Github is still missing from the CI/CD integrations. Any news on when (if at all) Github actions + deployments integration is coming?


Kind regards,


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@whammy hi there. When can we expect github releases to be supported? Are there any workarounds? Tnx

Atlassian Team, is there any plan in near future to support/connect Jira Deployment to GitHub Action? We are using Jira cloud and trying to utilise Jira Deployment as much as we can. 

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Looks exciting. Bummed to not find an integration with codepipeline/codebuild. 

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We have set up CircleCI integration as per the instructions ( and post deployment CircleCI is sending a "deployment" notification to JIRA, we get a "success" response from JIRA:

Results from Jira: 
{  "unknownIssueKeys": [],  "acceptedBuilds": [    {      "pipelineId": "booking-system",      "buildNumber": 613    }  ],  "rejectedBuilds": []}


but we do not see any deployments in the UI.

UPDATE: it appears builds work from `post-step` but not deployments, they must be sent from a `step`.


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