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Introducing Enterprise releases for Jira Software and Confluence

Enterprise releases are now called Long Term Support releases

As of June 29th, 2020, Enterprise releases are now called Long Term Support releases. The security bug fix policy for these releases was also updated - we will continue to backport critical security bug fixes and now when architecturally possible, all other security bug fixes are backported to the release for 24 months. To learn more about this change, view our Community post.


At Atlassian, we've been shipping Server product releases to customers for a long time. At each step of our journey, we've listened to your feedback on our releases and worked to incorporate that knowledge into a release structure that works better for you. Today, we're excited to share an update that we expect will help better plan your upgrades and meet the needs of your users. 

Starting today, we are introducing the concept of Enterprise releases for JIRA Software and Confluence Server and Data Center products. The goal is to allow you to remain on a feature release (e.g. Jira Software 7.6) that you know will get critical bug fixes without requiring you to upgrade to the latest feature release. 

Enterprise releases will receive additional support and documentation from the Atlassian team. Each Enterprise release will include:

  • Back-ported security bugs as defined in our security bug fix policy.
  • Any bugs that we deem critical and that we would normally fix in the next bug fix release of the product per our bug fixing policy. These will generally be issues relating to stability, data integrity, or critical performance issues with a specific focus on regressions where core product functionality breaks.
  • A combined change log from the last Enterprise release of the product so you can more easily understand what new capabilities have been introduced.
  • Scale and performance benchmarks relative to the prior Enterprise release of the product.

For more information on how Enterprise releases will work, take a look at the full blog post. Questions or comments? Leave them here and let us know what you think.


FYI: Link to blog post above doesn't work. 

@Jonathan Chatwin Thank you for flagging! The link to the blog above is now working.

Thanks for this very much needed option. Not all clients have the capacity to keep pace with a fast + frequent release tempo, especially those with complex implementations. It's several years later than my clients would like, but at least it's now signaled as an intent.

KP Atlassian Team Feb 05, 2018

Thanks Brian for the feedback.

What is the plan for going to an Enterprise Release schedule for Bitbucket, Bamboo, Crowd?

The decision to announce Enterprise releases is highly appreciated. I can see that Confluence 6.6 has been announced, but what about Jira 7.6? Do you have any time line for when it will be announced as Enterprise release?

Shana Atlassian Team Feb 12, 2018

@Casper thanks for checking in. We are hoping to officially certify Jira Software 7.6 as an Enterprise release in the next few weeks. We will be notifying customers and updating documentation at that time.

Where to you publish enterprise release versions other than please?

barnesy Atlassian Team Mar 27, 2018

See Jira Software 7.6 release notes and Confluence 6.6 release notes for all the updates on the latest bugfix releases

How are the enterprise releases selected? When is that decision made? Will we know ahead of a release that, say, JIRA 7.12 will be the next new Enterprise release so that users can plan for it and wait for it to be released before planning an upgrade process?

KP Atlassian Team Apr 09, 2018

@Jason Kemp, thanks for your questions. We've just posted a Frequently asked questions on Enterprise releases. Let us know this answers your questions and if you need any further clarification.

@KP, I was pointed to this page from the support folks.  I was wondering, are you guys going to be back porting MS SQL 2016 support into the current enterprise version? If not, what will be the next enterprise version to support MS SQL 2016 and around when might it be available?

Can anyone help me to understand more on enterprise release versions such as Confluence 6.6 and Jira 7.6 are the enterprise version, so to have a most stable version, which one I should go with ? Confluence 6.6 (feature version) or Confluence 6.6.6(as bug fix )?

A simple worded explanation would be helpful.

We recently upgraded JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, and Crowd. We also discovered some bugs that we did not know of or the impact they would have. Do you plan on addressing open bugs against releases so that we can cherry pick the release we upgrade to without the big surprise of bugs post upgrade?

Shana Atlassian Team Jun 15, 2018

@Jk 140401 We recommend you upgrade to the latest bug fix version within an Enterprise release version - so Confluence 6.6.6, not Confluence 6.6.0. The 6.6.6 version will have the latest bug fixes and stability improvements.

hi ,

is 6.10.1 Enterprise relaise

Enterprise releases are listed on this page

Which I stumbled across recently after asking myself :)

Did atlassian announced any JIRA software enterprise version for latest upgrade.

As per my understanding first enterprise version was 7.6. 

Is 6.6.x still the correct Enterprise release for Confluence? The End of Life policy page says that this will no longer be supported past December 12th. 

We are really interested to know as soon as possible the next Enterprise Release versions for Confluence and JIRA Software and possibly Bitbucket and Crowd.

Ada Chen Atlassian Team Mar 12, 2019

Hi everyone! Updating this thread to share that Confluence 6.13 has now been certified as an Enterprise release. We recommend always upgrading to the latest bugfix version (now 6.13.3) for the lifetime of the release. 

The release notes have been updated to reflect this:

Please refer to this change log for a roll-up of changes since 6.6:

Like # people like this

Is it known yet what the next Enterprise release of Confluence will be, after 6.13?

Ada Chen Atlassian Team Apr 08, 2019

Hi @Andrew Shugg - Good question! The Confluence team plans to follow the same ~12 month cadence between Enterprise release (Confluence 6.13 was released in December 2018), so you can expect to see an update about the next Confluence Enterprise release later in 2019.


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