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The Undo button is no longer available on my toolbar after the latest UI changes, where did it go?

Deleted user Oct 24, 2017

The Undo/Redo button used to be available on the far right right of the tool bar when I was editing a page. Both those buttons are now missing? Is there a setting to change the toolbar contents that I am missing?

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It is ridiculous that anyone ever thought that this was a good idea, put them back PDQ. Yet another reason to dump Atlassian products as they keep assuming that everyone knows all of the keyboard shortcuts. Far simpler to use a button anyway!

"It is ridiculous that anyone ever thought that this was a good idea"


I totally agree!

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+1 omg this is a fundamental tool within plenty of JIRA's competitor apps ... cmd+Z does not seem to work here when wanting to Undo the dragging of cards from one list to another... am I missing something?

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After I removed a column in a table in the article, I can not 'Undo' this action with cmd+Z...

Seems like the Undo functionality is not working properly, that's why they just decided to hide this functionality :D 

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Yep, came here to see if I can undo a removed table row.

Yup. Same issue.

Actually, undo doesn't work at all...

Unbelievable that after several months this the undo button still hasn't been brought back.   There is an old adage "If it isn't broken don't fix it".  This was a commonly used feature that exist on just about every single editor everywhere - to remove one small button to "supposedly" clean up the UI - is absurd and a poor product choice!

I am curious about usage.  Did you use analytics to help make this product decision?  

That button is one of our mostly widely clicked buttons.

Agree - I needed to Undo within 1 minute of starting my first JIRA Kanban and the lack of this feature has cut my explorations short! ... cmd+Z does not seem to work here when wanting to Undo the dragging of cards from one list to another... am I missing something?

Bring them back, please!

These standard shortcuts aren't that widely know outside the developer community. I'm trying to promote Confluence as a documentation tool in our organization. Now it is somewhat harder when the editor is suddenly missing two frequently used buttons.

Please bring them back!!  Those buttons are NOT space wasters but control key commands are definitely time wasters if you don't use them all the time.  

Shortcuts do not appear to be working.  I know this because I deleted my last two hours worth of work in error and cannot get it back.  

Unfortunately, I cannot just copy and paste a table from Excel to Confluence as the formatting is lost.  

Confluence Team - this is not acceptable.  If I am trying to use your tool to manage my project and documentation, how can do so efficiently when even the most simple restoration task cannot be accomplished??????

Send Atlassian a bill for all the time you wasted because some dimwit decided that this was a good idea and get the word out on social media. Everyone's pleading and begging are falling on deaf ears. What is the CEO's email address? Start sending the CEO an email. Look how effective that is for Amazon.

If all else fails - cancel. That will get someone's attention.

I use the undo and redo ALL the time.   Please bring it back!

Agree 100% with other commentators here.  Even the 'help' pages for Confluence still show images with the undo/redo buttons, and I had to use google to find the answer - I thought I'd somehow changed my settings to not show these buttons.

Removing these buttons hardly helps with uncluttering - but does adversely affect the useability.  I'm pretty disappointed that these have been removed -  the editor used to be very very simple to use for 'newbies' and so adoption was easy. 

Expecting users to know keyboard shortcuts is extremely unrealistic. Even more disappointing is that these keyboard shortcuts are NOT listed in the 'keyboard shortcuts' help popup. 

What action is Atlassian going to take and when? 

@Phil Oye are you still out there?

Confirmed. Very strange behaviour.

Buttons shows for a few moments and then hides:


philoye Atlassian Team Oct 24, 2017

That's definitely not intentional, thanks for pointing it out.

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philoye Atlassian Team Oct 24, 2017


I'm a product manager on Confluence Cloud. Thanks for your feedback.

We have removed the toolbar buttons for Undo/Redo as a starting point to streamline the editor, as well as to align other tools.

Undo/Redo are both accessible via standard keyboard shortcuts: Command + Z / Command + Shift + Z on the Mac and Control + Z / Control + Y on a PC.

However, we are monitoring feedback on this, so thanks for raising it.

Deleted user Oct 27, 2017

meh. One person's streamlining is another person's missing tool. Why not just make the toolbar configurable so users can clutter or unclutter as they like.

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Much as I'm an Atlassian fan-boy, I'm with Jill on this one.  By all means, streamline the defaults, but give the user a full range of options and let each user choose the ones they want.  Keyboard shortcuts are fine for many, but let people have their buttons too.

I've done a lot of work with people who struggle to read for varying reasons, so if I had this facility, I'd have dropped all the colour and italics buttons, to remind myself they're a bad idea.

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Bring back the button. Nothing intuitive about keyboard commands using CTRL.

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I miss this button so much. Using the shortcut is not an option for me since I use two different keyboards and Z alternates, so I never know (fast enough) where my Z is this time. 

Please put this button back. 

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I agree!! Bring back the button!!! The fact you don't give the user the option is ridiculous. 

Completely understand wanting to streamline, but because the "undo" button in the toolbar of Chrome (macOS) does not work to actually undo anything within the Confluence editor (thus, we are forced to use the keyboard shortcut), taking away the buttons is actually an accessibility issue. It is very hard for some people to push two buttons at once, and while there are ways to get around that (the sticky keys setting for example), it would be much easier to just be able to press a button. Please consider putting the undo and redo buttons back. 

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I'd just like to add my vote for the return of the buttons

OMG, yes, please bring back those buttons!!!!

I just deleted a block of text by mistake, wanted to get it back, did not know about the shortcuts, and... lost it. Very sad. 

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When can we expect that those buttons are back?

I really want them back!!

Like Gayatri Puwar Mahendroo likes this

I am sorry to see these go as well.  I do use shortcuts, but have a much better visual and spacial memory, I have trouble keeping a huge number of shortcuts active and present in my mind, so tend to just focus on remembering those that I need to used repeatedly each day.

This falls under a very important action I need to use in Confluence, but not necessarily one I do repeatedly each day.  So instead of being "short" it will end up being long cut for me.

I also think this is pretty limiting for your user base, particularly for Confluence which seems like it should be accessible to a range of users from varying levels of technical skill.    

This is absolutely and utterly terrible

Agree with the above folks.  Bring back the undo/redo button.  I wasted 10 minutes trying to figure out why it was no longer present.  Like the idea of making them configurable -- meaning the user gets to select which buttons show up.   

Atlassian, please, Please, PLEASE put the undo / redo buttons back!  I cannot over-emphasize how bad of a decision it was to remove those.  Many users of Confluence are just normal business persons who do not know keyboard shortcuts.  This has already become a problem for adoption with use in my firm.

Undo would be nice to bring back. 


@philoye I know you said that you all are monitoring feedback on this, but we haven't heard a word back yet since you posted in October. Is Atlassian going to bring these back or not? 

Definitely bring them back. This is a regression, not a positive step,

This will actually be a deal breaker when I try to sell this to my company.  It seems like such an easy win to bring it back.  Please update us on the status.

Agreed.  This was a bad UX decision impacting those of us who use the product every day.  Aesthetics are good during sales demos, but they are of little benefit to the people who have to use the products every day to do their jobs.  The UX design should at least allow users to turn off the "pretty mode" and go back into "work mode".

just deleted a bunch of information unintentionally - couldn't find 'undo' and lost an hours worth of work - Confluence is difficult to use, not intuitive, and now even harder to figure out on the fly -

Like Gayatri Puwar Mahendroo likes this

Same here. Just made an error in a table and I now have to revert all my changes. Silly really how this product could not have a usable undo option on the screen.

the windows shortcut do not work properly, nor do the right click and select undo

Like Gayatri Puwar Mahendroo likes this

Do you realize you've broken the WAI/W3C accessibility rules? If you have limited dexterity, these key combinations can be difficult or impossible.

Further, using the keyboard shortcuts is ambiguous. You don't know for sure when you've undone or redone everything, whereas a button can be dimmed or disabled when there's nothing more to undo or redo. It's obvious that you're subtracting fundamental functionality from the UI, and this is undesirable - almost negligent.

Like Andrea Benton likes this

And for iPad Pro users?? I cannot tell you how much work I have lost because of this. The new editor glitched out, selected a day's worth of worth and boom, gone. Could I undo, no. Was there a backup? No, Confluence was glitching out about auto saving. Cheers guys, streamlined.

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philoye Atlassian Team Mar 19, 2018

Thanks everyone for your feedback on this issue, and I'm sorry this change has been so disruptive to you. We have a public ticket tracking this issue, which I encourage you to follow: CONFCLOUD-58034.

Please add the undo back - those shortcuts don't even seem to work! (well they didn't for me....)

same here. surprised such basic things not being available for the editor.

Migrating my documentation from Confluence to Box today.  We'll then use SharePoint to collaborate.  

I cannot expect my partners to use an application that doesn't allow for even the most simple of functions - specifically, the undo function. 

It is unreasonable for Confluence to make a conscious decision to make even the most used tasks laborious and frustrating.  

Ease of use for my partners and customers is priority 1. 

Too bad that Confluence doesn't feel the same way.

Does anyone else get the feeling Atlassian are just sitting back and watching the drama unfold in the thread with amusement? I can't see why there'd be so little feedback or action otherwise. I suspect our outrage is quite hilarious for them. 

PLEASE bring this back...much needed tools. 

And now, the recommended keyboard shortcuts are no longer working.

I miss the undo button. 

When is this getting fixed? Or if you have no intention of fixing it make that clear.

Please add this back. It is extremely frustrating that this was ever taken off in the first place.

I'm floored that they would remove a feature like this.  Undo is used on multiple occasions, it just makes no sense.  And to leave it out for this long when people have clearly been upset about it for over a year.  Doesn't make for good client relations. 

No Undo button? 

Stupid idea!

Phil Oye > The keybaord shortcuts don`t work as per your comment: Undo/Redo are both accessible via standard keyboard shortcuts: Command + Z / Command + Shift + Z on the Mac and Control + Z / Control + Y on a PC.

I just lost an hours work because the undo is unavailable and can`t navigate through unpublished changes...

You were asking for feedback - as per everyone it`s was a stupid move to remove the button.

As an enterprise solution there is currently no undo functionality at all in Confluence - what a joke.

Sharing my workaround with others:

  1. I'm moving all my documentation from Confluence to Box. 
  2. From Box, we are leveraging SharePoint to collaborate. 

Meeting my clients' needs are way too important to me than to have them frustrated by Confluence and it's lack of even the most simple of options - like the  "Undo" feature and easily copying / pasting tables.  Formatting is a labor intensive and the outline numbering performs inconsistently.    

Bring back the Undo / Redo.

I can't believe this is still not back in the UI! How do we get them to bring back this basic functionality?

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