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Page stuck in Comala workflow


Hoping someone can solve this puzzle! 

I'm having a couple of issues with Comala workflow - Pages are failing to move forward to the next state in the workflow, despite having been approved appropriately.

Also, the 'Workflow' tab in the sidebar does not accurately represent the state that the page is in.  It says 'Draft' when it should say 'Published'. The workflow macro however, displays state correctly.

Any suggestions much appreciated! 


Here you can see P001 'Draft'



Here you can see P001 is actually in 'QA Approval'

However it has been approved and should be in 'Published'. I have set minimum reviewers for QA approval to '1'




Workflow markup:

{workflow:name=QA Same-space Approval}
Simple QMS approval for same space publishing
{workflowparameter:Reviewers|description=Reviewers group|type=group}
{workflowparameter:Approvers|description=Users able to give final approval|type=group}
{state:Draft|submit=In Review|taskable=true|changeduedate=true}
{state:In Review|approved=QA Approval|rejected=Draft|taskable=true}
{state:QA Approval|approved=Published|rejected=In Review|taskable=true|colour=#ffab00}
{approval:QA Approval|credentials=2|assignable=true|group=@Approvers@}
{state:Published|final=true|updated=In Review|taskable=true|hideselection=true|changeduedate=true}
{send-email:user=@alancaster@|subject=Page ready for final approval}
The page @page@ has been approved by [~@user@] and is waiting for your final approval.


5 answers

I have found a proper solution to this issue, and the solution is to update Maximum Events and Time Threshold (seconds) in Loop Watchdog configuration of Comala Document Management as per your requirement.

Reference link:


Hello everybody,

so i think i have a little bit the same issue. In my system it is not possible to publish the document as an editor in chief. When i want to give my approval, it stuck in reviewed. Maybe some one can help me? @Daryl Karan 

Hello Fabian,

Our friendly Customer Support team will be able to help diagnose the reason why your approval is stuck and find a solution.

Please open a ticket at

It would be really helpful if you could attach a Support Package for the affected page, please see for more details.

Thanks in advance


Hi Ally, 

Sorry for the delay in responding.

I tested your workflow you posted above and I had no issues with it in my environment. It never got stuck and I was able to process through all the states and approvals. Having said that, can you please try the following: 

Page Level Population Action

This is the most useful way of solving specific issues when the not a whole space is affected but just some pages. Any user with permissions over a page/blog can run the following action and the properties will be set/updated in the page.


Accessing that action will repopulate the Workflows Content Properties for that page only and will redirect you back into the page. No success/error message will be displayed to the user when performing this action. However, if the properties were not updated or were updated in an unexpected way the server logs will contain any error thrown during this action

I would recommend to open a ticket with our support team ( so they can assist further with this issue. 

Best Regards, 

Daryl Karan
Pre-Sales Engineer

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@Ally Lancaster based on your screenshots, it looks like you actually haven't set a minimum of reviews in the "QA Approval" State. That may be the reason the workflow won't advance.

As for the reporting issue, it's hard to say why that's happening, but from past experience sometimes a reindexing of Confluence sorts that out - have you tried that? 

Hi Mike, I have set a minimum of 1 for the review but still no luck :(

Thanks for the reindexing tip however it didn't work either.

Can you show your screen shot?

I have updated my question with some screenshots. Is there anything else that I can add that might help?

yeah Ally.

Can you show detail of workflow configuration?

Hi Hai, are you asking for the diagram of the workflow?

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