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Rob DeVries September 17, 2019


I would like to know how to auto fill fields (not just issues) in a Confluence space from a Jira project. My goal is to create custom templates in Confluence which will update my documents automatically.  

For example the project name, description, status, etc. or any data. It would also be nice to copy the Avatar.

Jira Project settings details.JPG

This common template would will be used in every project which would made me documents will have the same output format (PDF, Word).

I have looked at the Insert Jira Issue/Filter but it just seems to be for issues.

I am not sure what this would be called so I haven't been able to find anything which could help me.


Thank you,

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Dario B
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September 19, 2019

Hi @Rob DeVries ,

If I have a correct understanding of what you are trying to achieve, you are trying to populate/update a Confluence page with data from a Jira issue.

If this is the case, you may want to search the marketplace for an add-on that can help you achieve this like, for example, the following ones (you can find more in the marketplace):


Being on Confluence Server, another option would be to write a User Macro. For details and instructions see:


Finally, similar topics have been discussed in the below threads. You may want to review them to see if any other solution is available:


I hope this helps.



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james_mckean August 18, 2023

You can also accomplish this without plugins by using the Jira issue macro.

1. Create a named filter in Jira that extracts the information you want.

2. Use the named filter's URL in the Jira macro configuration instead of the issue key.

3. Use the "Display options" (at the bottom of the Jira macro UI) and the "Columns to display" to add the field(s) you want and delete those you don't. Note that you can add all the fields that could appear in your filter. I use the table view because I am just extracting 1 field.

I am not sure if repeating this for many fields on one confluence page would have a performance impact, but for my use case it works very well.

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szn March 20, 2021

Hi @Rob DeVries 

[ad alert]

I believe this can be helpful:

Smart issue view for Confluence

This plugin allows you to freely define Jira issue fields to be presented on a Confluence page. You can even present a single field (such as the numer of votes). Or display a small box with all the data you need:

Screenshot 2021-03-20 at 17.46.49.png

On top of that it is possible to edit the issue right on a Confluence page (embed issues are automatically refreshed).

Please note, that this is a cloud only plugin.

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