Bugs in Page Properties Report Macro, Jira Issues Macro and editing a page

David Parr
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I'm New Here
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October 25, 2021

Hi folks,

I believe there is a bug in the interaction been the Jira Issues Macro in Confluence, the documented ability to support a Jira URL with rich information and formatting, and the Page Properties Report Macro in confluence.

To reproduce:

  1. create a Product Requirements page from a template in confluence
  2. publish the page - you will now have a published template AND another page with the Page Properties Report Macro. The macro will list your new page.
  3. Edit the Product Requirements Page you just made, and add an issue too the 'epic' key in the Page table at the top. 
  4. View the Page Properties Report Macro again. you will see the URL printed. This is a bug, the URL should have rich information in line in the Page Properties Report Macro
  5. Edit the Product Requirements and remove the epic link you copy pasted previously. This time use the Jira Issues macro with `/jira`. Publish it.
  6. View the Page Properties Report Macro. The link will now be 'inline'.
  7. Open the Product Requirements and edit anything else, like the body text. Publish the page.
  8. View the Page Properties Report Macro again. The inline Epic link will have changed back to a dumb URL. This is another bug, it should still be richly formatted.

This then leads to more bugs where if the URL is NOT displayed correctly inline for ONE page in the Page Properties Report Macro then the WHOLE Page Properties Report Macro will not display any of the inline rich information and will forever display a loading spinner in those fields. The fix for this is to ensure that all the issues you feed to that Page Properties Report Macro are ALWAYS manually ensures to be 'smart inline queries' and not 'dumb url links ', which you have to do manually EACH TIME you edit ANYTHING on the page, and then you have to edit the page with the Page Properties Report Macro bu opening it into Edit, waiting for the macro to load in edit mode, and then publishing it.

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