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GW November 17, 2020

Is there a third party tool that allows me to edit pages in Confluence Cloud? I have been here for 3 hours now to try and make something that I can do in raw html in about 15minutes.

I would prefer to see the markup, at the moment, the Confluence editor is auto inserting garbage, like auto converting only some characters to emoticons.

If I touch backspace while editing, the browser jumps back a page to the pre-editied version and I lose some work.

If I do not save my edits and refresh the page or try to revert, the page reverts for about 0.25 seconds, then replaces the old version with my messed up edit complete with emoticons...

If there is no third party editor, is it possible for me to at least edit the markup directly or permanently disable autocorrect?

I'm trying to write technical documentation, something this product is designed for, I cannot understand the rationale to include autoconvert to emoticon in a business level product.


Jonathan Bolton November 17, 2020

I couldn't agree more, the new editor is seriously deficient and I do not like the fact that it is being forced upon us.

For a company that likes to think of itself as pro-developer, it is definitely moving towards a developer nightmare AOL experience.

Atlassian Team
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November 18, 2020

Hello @GW!

The community is ideal to share content, ask questions and discuss things! I just moved your content into our discussions section.

The objective of that section is to share and interact with more people!

Thanks for sharing with the community.


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